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2012 Topps ‘Career Day’ Subset – Card #1 Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

2012 Topps ‘Career Day’ Subset – Card #1 Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals

I am working on this set because I find it to be the most appealing of the subsets issued by Topps in 2012.

The cards feature bold colors, great images, and a unique horizontal design.

I especially like the ‘Career Day’ theme as it pays homage to some of the greatest individual performances of baseball’s elite players.

Card #1 – Albert Pujols

Career Day – October 22, 2011 VS Texas Rangers.  Pujols goes 5 for 6, with 4 runs scored, 3 home runs, 6 RBI and hits in four consecutive innings – a MLB record.

Progress – 1/25

Andre Dawson 2012 Topps Triple Threads – Base

Andre Dawson 2012 Topps Triple Threads – Base

I picked up this baseball card within the first 48 hours that the Topps Triple Threads set was released.

And I have picked up a few more from that set too that I will show you in time.

I like the Triple Threads product.  But I have to say that this 2012 issue is my favorite so far.  The design is clean.  The images are sharp.  The coloring is bold.

And best of all, it is Andre ‘The Hawk’ Dawson!!

Have a look:

I paid just $1.99 for this one.  And it shipped from Taiwan, which is kind of cool.

Reggie Jackson 2004 Fleer Greats

Reggie Jackson 2004 Fleer Greats

For the most part, when I see Reggie Jackson’s name appear on a baseball card checklist for a modern set, I think A’s or Yankees.  It is a fair question – his two most successful stints with major league clubs were in Oakland and New York.

But when the card turns up to feature Reggie in another uniform, I get excited.  I like to see Reggie in his Angels uniform.

And when the card looks as sweet as this one, I get really excited!!

Have a look:

So now that I have scooped up a card of Reggie in his Angels uniform, it is time for the Orioles to step up!!!


Mike Schimdt 1989 Donruss

Mike Schimdt 1989 Donruss

Wow, the graphics on this 1989 Donruss baseball card compliment the Mike Schimdt photo very well.

Have a look:

It appears that Schmidt has launched the baseball into the outfield.  Did it reach the warning track?  Did it clear the fence?  Well, that we will never know.

I do know that I wish that this image was zoomed out just a bit more than it is.  I would like to be able to see both of Schmidt’s feet.  And I want to see more of his bat too.

I give this card a solid, B+


Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!

Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!

Ichiro turns 39 years old today!!

Arguably the best hitter of the decade, Ichiro Suzuki has proven to be an extremely talented contact hitter, maybe one of the best ever.

In 12 professional seasons in major league baseball, Ichiro has collected 2,600+ hits.  In ten of twelve years, he has accumulated 200 or more hits in those seasons.

For his birthday, I wish Ichiro perfect health.  And I want that health to hold until he gets into the 3,000 hits club.  Based on his average he will need just 3 more years to accomplish that task.  And while that means he will be 42 years old when that time comes, I do believe that he is conditioned to reach that mark with relative ease!!

Happy Birthday Ichiro!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Active Hitters Most Likely To Reach The 500 Home Run Landmark

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Active Hitters Most Likely To Reach The 500 Home Run Landmark

I had such a good time predicting the players that I thought would come closest to collecting 3,000 hits that I figured I will extend it to other baseball statistical milestones.

This time around, we will look at the ‘500 Home Run Club’ – another club  that means longevity and supreme power.

Let’s get to it!!!

HM – Alfonso Soriano (372), Lance Berkman (360), Carlos Lee (358), Aramis Ramirez (342), Carlos Beltran (334), Ryan Howard (300), Vernon Wells (259), Matt Holiday (229), Mark Reynolds (181), Robinson Cano (177), and Jay Bruce (134).

10 – Paul Konerko. 422 through 16 seasons. Has not hit less than 22 homers in a single season since 2008.

9 – Mark Teixeira. Tex has 338 blasts and is just 32 years old.  His numbers in 2012 dropped, but prior to that he had three straight season of at least 33 home runs.

8 – Ryan Braun.  Braun has 202 home runs through six seasons.  His numbers have increased steadily and he is just 28 years old.

7 – David Ortiz.  Papi has 401 home runs through 16 seasons in the big leagues.  For his career, 1 out of every 4.5 hits leaves the ballpark. 

6 – Adrian Beltre.  Beltre is just 33 years old but has been in the majors for 15 seasons. He has 346 career dingers and has hit 25 or more in 6 of the last 7 seasons.

5 – Giancarlo Stanton. At just 22 years of age, Stanton has 93 home runs to his credit.  Even when not 100% healthy, Stanton is one of the game’s greatest long-ball threats.

4 – Prince Fielder.  At just 28 years old, Prince has already hit 260 round-trippers.  He has reached the 30-home run mark (or more) in the last six seasons.

3 – Miguel Cabrera.  Cabrera just completed his tenth big league season.  He has 321 career home runs, including five straight seasons of at least 30.

2 – Adam Dunn.  Dunn is a slugger, and he rebounded in 2012 in a big way.  He now has 406 home runs to his credit and is still just 32 years old.  He hit 41 in 2012!

1 – Albert Pujols.  Pujols is just 25 home runs away from the 500-mark.  It is just a matter of time, and it will more than likely occur in 2013.  Now, we just have to predict the month.  My guess is August! 

And there you have it – my opinion on which players have the best chance to reach the ‘500 Home Runs Club’.

Did I leave anyone out?  Should my rankings be different?

Let me hear it.