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Alan Trammell 1985 Donruss – I Love That Old Tigers Logo!!!

Alan Trammell 1985 Donruss – I Love That Old Tigers Logo!!!

My dad grew up in New York.  He was a Yankees fan.  And somehow he was also a Tigers fan, though I cannot pinpoint a reason as to why.  It certainly did not have to do with proximity…

Anyway, through him, I too enjoyed the Tigers in my youth.  And among the Tigers players, my favorite was Alan Trammell.  That is just one of the many reasons why I collect cards of Trammell today – to take me back to my love for the game as a kid and the collecting of my favorite player’s baseball cards.

What brought all of this up, you ask?

It’s that Tigers logo hovering over Trammell’s left knee.  I had a t-shirt as a kid that sported that logo.  I have to guess that my dad bought it for me!!!

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps ‘Career Day’

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps ‘Career Day’

Yes, I am putting together this subset.  But this card is not for the subset, it is for my Reggie Jackson player collection.  And yes, I bought two of them!!!


Did You Know…

The Pittsburgh Pirates have won the World Series five times.  In each of those title clinching championships it took the Pirates seven games to capture the ring – 1909, 1925, 1960, 1971, 1979.

1994 HEADLINE: Greg Maddux Wins Third Straight Cy Young Award

1994 HEADLINE: Greg Maddux Wins Third Straight Cy Young Award

On this day in 1994, Greg Maddux won his third straight Cy Young award.  He was the first pitcher in major league history to earn the award in three consecutive seasons.

Being one of the best pitchers in the sport over that length of time is a major accomplishment.  And when some of your greatest competition is coming from your teammates, I am sure that the pride of being the ‘Ace’ of the staff gave Maddux even more gratification.

Here is a look at Maddux’s numbers from those three seasons:

1992 – 20-11, 2.18 ERA, 9 complete games, All-Star, Gold Glove

1993 – 20-10, 2.36 ERA, 10 complete games, Gold Glove

1994 – 16-6, 1.56 ERA, 10 complete games, All-Star, Gold Glove

Oh, and it should be noted that Maddux went on to win the Cy Young award in 1995 too – setting an all-time record with four consecutive wins!!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Maddux!!!

30-Year Old Cardboard’s 2012 World Series Prediction

30-Year Old Cardboard’s 2012 World Series Prediction

My predictions so far for the major league baseball playoffs have been pretty good.  In 6 series’, I have a record of 5-1.  I predicted all four first round winners, and I accurately guessed that the Giants would advance to the World Series.  It was the Jeter-less Yankees that ruined my streak by getting embarrassed at the hands of the Detroit Tigers.

OK, so all of that leads me up to this question – ‘Who is going to win the World Series?’

And now I think I have that answer.  I’ve reviewed the rosters.  I’ve studied the pitching rotations.  And I think that I know who the winner is going to be.

This team has been tested, time and time again.

This team features a pitching rotation that is one of the best in baseball.

This team has enough offensive talent to remain relevant no matter how much they may trail in a game or series.

The team that I predict will win the 2012 World Series is the:

And I think that they will do it in SIX games.

And if this comes to fruition, please tell me that Melky will forfeit his ring and share of the loot…  🙂

It’s going to be a fantastic series – Enjoy it!!!

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps Commemorative Retired Number Patch

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps Commemorative Retired Number Patch

This is the second card of Reggie that I have picked up from this set.  The first one featured the Yellow jersey with the Green patch.  And now this one features the Grey jersey with the Green patch.

Have a look:

Again, Topps has done a stellar job of matching the patch to the photo.  I imagine that it took a bit more work to make this gel this way, but as a collector, I have to say that the extra effort certainly helps the overall look of the card.

Great job, Topps!!!

And now I am just one card away from completing the trio of Reggie Jackson cards from this set!!!