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Johnny Bench 2012 Topps Archives – 1969 Topps Gold Stamped Reprint

Johnny Bench 2012 Topps Archives – 1969 Topps Gold Stamped Reprint

I am slowly starting to scoop up the Gold Stamped reprint cards from this year’s Topps Archives set.

Some of the more recent additions to my collection include George Brett, Joe Morgan, and Dave Winfield.

And now you can add Johnny Bench to that list.  And the card is G-R-E-A-T!!!

Have a look:

I have always liked this card of Bench from the 1969 Topps set.  He looks super-young in the photo, but definitely comfortable in his catching stance.

And I just love that All-Star Rookie trophy too!

Now I just need to find myself the original…

Reggie Jackson 2009 Topps Update – ‘Legends Of The Game’

Reggie Jackson 2009 Topps Update – ‘Legends Of The Game’

A set titled ‘Legends Of The Game’ is always going  to be one that interests a collector like me.  And while I could probably predict 10-12 cards in the set without even seeing the checklist, I am always happy to learn that my predictions are on point.

And I am very happy to see that Reggie Jackson was included in the set.

Here is the card:

The cards are nice, and the scan allows you to see all of the detail; it actually looks better in the scan than in person, though…

Mu biggest issue with the in-person version of the card is that it takes some effort to read the ‘Legends of the Game’ banner.  If Topps used a brighter Silver foil, that would really make it pop against the Dark Green backdrop.

They did select a fantastic picture of Reggie though.  The colors are phenomenal!!

Dave Parker 1984 Topps

Dave Parker 1984 Topps

The 1984 Topps baseball card set will always be a favorite of mine.

And it was a pretty memorable one for Dave Parker too.  It was his first season with the Cincinnati Reds.  Parker signed with the Reds after the end of the 1983 baseball season, ending his 11-year run with the Pirates.  Parker would go on to play in Cincy for four seasons.

Here is his card from the 1984 Topps set.

It was nice to get one more card of ‘The Cobra’ in his Pirates uniform!!

1997 HEADLINE: Renteria’s 11th Inning Hit Clinches The World Series For The Florida Marlins!!!

1997 HEADLINE: Renteria’s 11th Inning Hit Clinches The World Series For The Florida Marlins!!!

On this day in 1997 Edgar Rentaria’s single in the bottom of the 11th inning in Game 7 of the World Series was the game winning hit that delivered the Florida Marlins their first ever World Series title!!!

Another boyhood dream was realized when under the ultimate amount of pressure Edgar shined and both he, the team, and the fans of the Florida Marlins reaped the benefits.

I was at Game 1 of this World Series and the atmosphere was incredible.  I could only imagine how much more intense it was on this night when the championship was finally won.

Happy Anniversary Edgar!!!

1982 HEADLINE: Steve Carlton Becomes First Pitcher To Win 4 Cy Young Awards

1982 HEADLINE: Steve Carlton Becomes First Pitcher To Win 4 Cy Young Awards

On this day in 1982, Steve Carlton was awarded with the NL Cy Young Award.

This win, the fourth for Carlton, marked the first time in major league history that a pitcher was honored as the Cy Young winner in four different seasons.

And when looking at his numbers, it is now wonder that Carlton was the pitcher to make this kind of history.

Check the stats:

1972 – 27-10, 1.97 ERA, 30 complete games, 8 shutouts, 310 strikeouts, 3.56:1 K:walk ratio, All-Star, NL Triple Crown

1977 – 23-10, 2.64 ERA, 17 complete games, 2 shutouts, 198 strikeouts, 2.22:1 K;Walk ratio, All-Star

1980 – 24-9, 2.34 ERA, 13 complete games, 3 shutouts, 286 strikeouts, 3.16:1 K:walk ratio, All-Star, World Series title

1982 – 23-11, 3.10 ERA, 19 complete games, 6 shutouts, 286 strikeouts, 3.33:1 K:walk ratio, All-Star

Pretty awesome stuff right there, huh?

Happy Anniversary Mr. Carlton!!!

Fergie Jenkins 1981 Topps Certified Autograph Buyback – #60/200

Fergie Jenkins 1981 Topps Certified Autograph Buyback – #60/200

It has been waaayy too long since I added a Fergie Jenkins autograph to my collection.

And with the price that the modern issues are going for, I was beginning to lose faith that a new Jenkins signed card would make it into my collection.  The new stuff is sweet – but just a but too much for what I am willing to fork over for a single baseball card…

My patience and persistence did pay off though.

And I recently scored my first ‘Buy Back’ signed baseball card.  I have no idea how these were distributed, but I know that the card is an original 1981 Topps card of Fergie in his Rangers uniform.

And it is signed.

And it is limited to just 200 copies.

And my copy is #60.

Have a look: