Derek Jeter 2003 Upper Deck ‘Magic Moments’

Derek Jeter 2003 Upper Deck ‘Magic Moments’

I am not a Derek Jeter collector, or for that matter, a New York Yankees collector either.

But, I cannot help checking out cards of Jeter when time allows.  I find him to be a true ambassador of the sport, and in time, I firmly believe that he will be talked about in the future the way that players like Ozzie Smith, Cal Ripken, and Don Mattingly are discussed today.

I am slowly grabbing inexpensive cards of Jeter and my stack is slowly increasing in size.  My methods are simple – cheap is good.  I am not being picky about the year or brand of card, just trying to build up a nice little collection.

I am hoping to pass these on to my young sons in time.  So I can tell them stories about watching Jeter play with the same fondness that  I can of watching Ozzie and Cal and Donnie Baseball!!

This card is from the 2003 Upper Deck ‘Magic Moments’ set and it set be back just eighteen cents.

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