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Ken Griffey Sr. ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1982 Topps ‘In Action’

Ken Griffey Sr. ‘Fab Five’ – Card #3 – 1982 Topps ‘In Action’

Now that my Ken Griffey Sr. player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #3 – 1982 Topps, In Action

One of the things that I noticed about the cards of Griffey from his Reds days is the lack of action photos.

Yes, it is a small sample size, as the set is only 15 cards.  But, the majority of them feature posed, or close-up portait-style photography.

Thankfully, the 1982 Topps set blessed Griffey with a bonus ‘In Action’ card.

There is no way that this card was not going to crack the ‘Fab Five’.

Enjoy the action!

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Gold Standard – 1,500 RBI Club

Mike Schmidt 2012 Topps Gold Standard – 1,500 RBI Club

Of the ‘Gold’ cards that are part of the 2012 Topps base and update sets, I think I prefer the ‘Gold Standard’ version sets the most.

The ‘Gold Standard’ set acknowledges a player’s entry into a rare statistical category – basically encapsulating history right into the cardboard.  And that is right up this collector’s alley.

Here is the card of Mike Schmidt from the ‘Gold Standard’ set:

The card celebrates Schmidt joining the ‘1,500 RBI Club’.  The event occurred on September 26, 1987, when he connected for a 3-run home run as the Phillies topped the Expos.

Jim Abbott 1989 Upper Deck – ROOKIE CARD!!!

Jim Abbott 1989 Upper Deck – ROOKIE CARD!!!

My friends, I am very proud to be able to announce to you this morning that I have finally collected each and every Jim Abbott rookie baseball card.

I’ve got the Topps, the Fleer, the Donruss, the Score, the Bowman, and now the Upper Deck!!

The journey has been a long one, but one that I have enjoyed being on. 

And let me just say, this Upper Deck rookie card of Jim Abbott is superb!

Have a look: 

Abbott really got special treatment with his 1989 Upper Deck baseball card.  The multi-image shot was usually reserved for All-Stars and legends.

Great vision by UD!!

Did You Know…

Mike Schmidt was the first World Series MVP in Philadelphia Phillies history.  In 1980, Schmidt homered twice against the Kansas City Royals while driving in seven runs and leading the Phillies to the World Series title.

Hank Aaron 2006 Topps Heritage ‘Flash Back’

Hank Aaron 2006 Topps Heritage ‘Flash Back’

One of my favorite new collections that I have undertaken is my modern-issue Hank Aaron collection.

I love picking up new cards of Mr. Aaron – and I do anything I can to learn more about someone who I consider to be among the best to have ever played the game.

After reading the book, ‘The Last Hero: A Life Of Henry Aaron’, my fascination with Hank as a ballplayer and man grew immensely.  And as a baseball card collector, I know no other way to celebrate him than to purchase and showcase baseball cards of him.

My most recent pick-up comes from the 2006 Topps Heritage ‘Flash Back’ set.  The card pays homage to Aaron winning the batting title in 1956 with his .328 batting average.

Go Get ‘Em Hank!!!