Coming Soon To ’30-YOC’ – ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’

Coming Soon To ’30-YOC’ – ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’

I think that you’re all going to really like this!!

I try to bring a few regular events to ’30-YOC’ to give you something to latch on to that appeals to what you like about our wonderful hobby and this amazing sport.

On Sundays, I offer you my ‘Top Ten Lists’.
On Mondays, I feature a card of the newest subset that I am building.

And now, I am ready to introduce the newest weekly event coming to 30-Year Old Cardboard.  It is called, ‘Hall of Fame Debate’.

And it is exactly what it sounds like!  Everyone has an opinion, whether right or wrong about the state of the Hall of Fame and its current and possibly future members.  I have written a lot about it in the past, but I have never really organized the posts very well.

Well, that is all going to change.  The Hall of Fame posts that I have written in the past have been some of the most spirited on the site.  As a matter of fact, they are my inspiration for creating this new weekly series.

And it will launch on Thursday nights!!

So, stay tuned to ’30-YOC’ so you too can voice your opinion about all things that are Hall of Fame related.

The first step in this process for me is to comb through the 7,600+ posts that I have authored on this blog and load the appropriate ones into this newly created category.  And then from there, it will be time to go!!!

Thanks for reading.


2 responses to “Coming Soon To ’30-YOC’ – ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’

  1. This is going to be awesome!!!!

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