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Tom Seaver’s Legendary 1967 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

Tom Seaver’s Legendary 1967 Topps Rookie Baseball Card

There are a lot of legendary baseball cards of rookies that were issued in the mid-to-late 1960’s.  From Johnny Bench, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan, Joe Morgan, Fergie Jenkins, Jim Palmer, and of course Tom Seaver.

Like many of these players, their rookie cards feature multiple players.  And like many of these cards, it is one player’s appearance on the card that made it one of the ‘must haves’ from the set.

Here is Tom Seaver’s legendary rookie card from the 1967 Topps set:

It sure would be nice to have one of these, huh??

I feel bad for the Bill Denehy player collectors out there.  His rookie card sets them back hundreds!!!



Tom Seaver Offers Up A Very Sweet And Artsy Autograph. I’ve Got To Get One!!!

Tom Seaver Offers Up A Very Sweet And Artsy Autograph. I’ve Got To Get One!!!

I need to make getting a signed Tom Seaver baseball into my collection a priority.  As one of the most successful pitchers from the era that I cherish, not having his autograph in my collection would be a crime.

Plus, he offers up a pretty sweet looking signature.  It is nice and consistent with its style, while having just enough flare but no overdoing it.

Have a look:

And when I eventually do get Seaver to sign a ball for me, you can bet that there will be an inscription attached to it.  I just need to figure out which one…

Tom Seaver And The 1969 World Series Championship

Tom Seaver And The 1969 World Series Championship

Tom Seaver’s Cy Young-winning season of 1967 was part of the reasons that his New York Mets team was one of the best teams in baseball.

His efforts helped take the team into the playoffs and helped them to eventually win their first World Series championship in franchise history.

In the ’69 World Series, Seaver made two starts going 1-1.  He compiled an ERA of 3.00 in 15 innings of work while allowing 12 hits and 5 runs.  Seaver struck out 9 batters in those 15 innings while walking just 3.  In four at-bats, he was hitless.

Tom Seaver Won The Cy Young Award Three Times!!!

Tom Seaver Won The Cy Young Award Three Times!!!

Tom Seaver had some stiff competition for the ranking of ‘Best Pitcher in the NL’ during his glory days.  From the likes of Bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, Ferguson Jenkins, and others, it was tough to separate yourself as the premier pitcher in the league with such strong competition.

Seaver managed to win the Cy Young Award during three seasons – 1969, 1973, and 1975.  In those three seasons, it was Seaver’s high win totals, very low ERA, and ability to dominate batters that helped give him the title of ‘Best in the League’.

Tom Seaver Captured 311 Wins During His Major League Career

Tom Seaver Captured 311 Wins During His Major League Career

During his 20-season major league career, Tom Seaver started 647 ballgames.  He retired with a pitching record of 311-205, good for a win percentage of .603.

Seaver led the league in pitching victories on three occasions – 1969 with 25, 1975 with 22, and 1981 with 14.  In total, Seaver had five seasons of at least 20 wins and another eight with between 15-19.

His 311 career wins places him in 18th place on the all-time list.

Tom Seaver Struck Out An Amazing 3,640 Batters!!!

Tom Seaver Struck Out An Amazing 3,640 Batters!!!

Tom Seaver had a penchant for striking out batters as soon as he reached the big leagues.

For his career, Seaver struck out 3,640 batters which currently ranks him in sixth place on the all-time list.

He led the league in K’s during five campaigns.  He collected 200 or more strikeouts in ten of his twenty seasons, including nine straight from 1968 to 1976.

Tom Seaver’s 1978 No-Hitter

Tom Seaver’s 1978 No-Hitter

On June 16, 1978, Tom Seaver threw the first and only no-hitter of his 20-year major league baseball career.

At home in Cincinnati, Ohio, Seaver and his Reds teammates were hosting the St. Louis Cardinals.  Pete Rose and Joe Morgan provided all of the run support that Seaver would need on this day as the Reds blanked the Cardinals by a score of 4-0.

Seaver’s line from the game – 9 innings pitched, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts, and zero hits!!!