Here Is Your 2013 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Preview

Here Is Your 2013 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Preview

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2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball isn’t about the hits. It’s not about finding the white whale of your collection — unless it’s an autograph from the Philly Phanatic, Mr. Met or Mariner Moose.

Targeted at young collectors and those just looking for a fun, cheap break, 2013 Topps Opening Day has a straightforward base set and lots of inserts. While there are a few autographs, they’re not the release’s main focus. It’s more of an old-fashioned experience for those not interested in high-end baseball cards.

The 2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball base set has 220 cards. This includes 75 players who aren’t in 2013 Topps Series 1 Baseball. The design is very similar to the flagship set, although it will be instantly recognizable with the Opening Day logo. Opening Day Edition parallels come with a blue border. They are also numbered to 2013. The entire base set has four different one-of-one Press Plates as well.

Every pack includes one insert. Mascots return for another season with a 25-card set. Key moments from the 2012 season are captured in Superstar Celebration. Opening Day Stars is done in 3D. Play Hard showcases 25 players who show hustle and hard work on the field. Finally, Ballpark Fun is all about the excitement that can be found at the stadium.

Although not a major part of the release, there are signatures to be found in 2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball. Opening Day Autographs has a  ten-card checklist that includes David Wright and Hanley Ramirez. Other announced signers include Ike Davis, Boone Logan and Josh Vitters.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the set are five Mascot Autographs. Yes, they’re mascots. They don’t hit home runs. The don’t toss no-hitters. Heck, they are usually on the losing end of base races against three-year-old kids. For a lot of fans growing up, mascots are among the highlights of trips to the ballpark. Much like thousands of kids run around Disneyland everyday looking for signatures from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, these cards should be seen as something fun for young collectors (and the young-at-heart). Mascot Autographs come from the Philly Phanatic (Phillies), Mariner Moose (Mariners), Mr. Met, Fredbird (Cardinals), Mr. Met (Mets) and Rangers Captain (Rangers).

2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball boxes have 36 packs of seven cards. They should cost about a dollar a pack.

Estimated Release Date: 2/6/13 Product Configuration: 36 packs per box, 7 cards per pack Price Point: Low-End Baseball Card

A few samples:



2 responses to “Here Is Your 2013 Topps ‘Opening Day’ Preview

  1. I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about Opening Day over the last few years. I think they’re a fun pack break for a bargain price.

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