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Jim Palmer 2010 Topps Triple Threads – Sepia

Jim Palmer 2010 Topps Triple Threads – Sepia

The Topps Triple Threads brand is one that I look forward to each and every collecting season.

And while I choose not to delve into the high-end autographed and multi-relic cards due to the price tag that they carry, I am a big fan of their base cards.

The designs are supreme.  The cards are thick.  And the print quality and coloring are a step above the rest.

 So, when the set features a card of a player that I have a particular liking for, I try my best to go for it.  And if said card comes in multiple versions with slight color-scheme variances, I will try to grab those as well.

And that is how I came across and purchased the Sepia-toned card of Jim Palmer from the 2010 Triple Threads set.  The card is serial numbered as 218/525.


Eric Davis 1990 Bowman

Eric Davis 1990 Bowman

In Bowman’s debut set in 1989 they offered us a lot of cards that featured portraits and zoomed-in photography.

And while this card of Eric Davis from their sophomore set is not much better, at least you get the impression that some level of action is occurring.

Have a look:

1980 Headline: “Nolan Ryan Becomes Baseball’s First Million Dollar Player”

1980 Headline: “Nolan Ryan Becomes Baseball’s First Million Dollar Player”

On this day in 1980, Nolan Ryan signed a 4-year, 4.5 million dollar contract with the Houston Astros.

Amazingly, this level of a contract did not go to a player that was going to suit up for 150+ games in a season.  It went to a pitcher that was going to appear in no more than 35 games a year.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Ryan!!!

Who would have thought that the contracts would multiply in value as quickly as they did following this signing…

Happy Birthday Roy Campanella!!!

Happy Birthday Roy Campanella!!!

I enjoy the tradition of the Dodgers, but I wouldn’t really classify myself as a fan of the franchise.  I do however, enjoy learning about their history, especially the time that they called Brooklyn home.

The fact that the three greatest franchises from the 1950’s all called New York home amazes me.  At the same time, I understand why expansion across the country was a good thing.

Neat the center of the greatness that was the Brooklyn Dodgers was Campanella.  A 10-year Brooklyn Dodger, Campanella held down the catcher role for the team while scooping up three MVP awards and eight All-Star roster selections.

His career numbers are solid, and as a catcher they are solid – 1,161 hits, .276 lifetime batting average, 242 home runs, 846 RBI, 627 runs scored, and just 501 strikeouts in 4,205 at-bats!!!

Happy Birthday Campy!!!

I Told You That I Was Going To Show Off That 1985 Topps Pete Rose Commemorative Set. Here It Is!!!

I Told You That I Was Going To Show Off That 1985 Topps Pete Rose Commemorative Set. Here It Is!!!

I finally got around to scanning this set that I scored for $3.00 at the November baseball card show.

And now it is time to show it off!!!

Enjoy!  All 120 cards!!