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Ken Griffey Jr. Has A Stunning Signature!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. Has A Stunning Signature!!!

Call it stylish.

Call it flashy.

You can even call it slightly sloppy.

But, you cannot deny that Ken Griffey Jr does not offer up a supremely stunning signature.

Easily one of the most sought after and hard to obtain autographs of recently retired baseball superstars, Ken Griffey Jr’s autograph would be the centerpiece of any collection that it was a part of.

And if you happen to have one in your collection, you are a very, very lucky collection!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. And The 600 Home Run Club!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. And The 600 Home Run Club!!!

You better believe it – He belongs.

This amazing feat happened in my back yard.  I should have been there.  Dolphin Stadium, home of my Florida Marlins, was witness to this event.  You don’t know how many times I have cursed myself about not making this a priority.  Who knows when I may be able to witness baseball history of this kind again.  And he is a player I like too – even more reason to have been there…

Ken Griffey Jr is 1 of only 6 players to have surpassed the 600 home runs plateau.  Sitting in 5th place all-time with 630 dingers, Griffey is poised to make a run at 4th place as he trails Hall of Famer Willie Mays by just 30 homers.  Regardless of his final ranking, which will change in a few years as A-Rod narrows the gaps, Ken Griffey Jr will go down as one of the greatest home run hitters in baseball history.

And to think that he has never really been classified as a ‘Home Run Hitter’.  This truly is a testament to the all-around superb offensive skills he possesses!!!

Ken Griffey Jr Was So Close To Getting Entry Into The ‘3,000 Hits Club’

Ken Griffey Jr Was So Close To Getting Entry Into The ‘3,000 Hits Club’

Ken Griffey Jr collected 2,781 hits during his major league career.  He fell 219 hits short of reaching the magical milestone of 3,000.

But it was certainly not for lack of effort.  Let’s just call it lack of health, ok?

What is amazing, is that Griffey never had a season of 200 or more hits; not one time.  He did, however, have eight seasons of at least 150 or more hits.  And as a clean-up hitter with the responsibility of run production, that is very solid consistency.

Ken Griffey Jr’s 1997 MVP Season – SPECTACULAR!!!

Ken Griffey Jr’s 1997 MVP Season – SPECTACULAR!!!

Ken Griffey Jr’s 1997 season is one of the most well-rounded seasons of both offense and defense that the baseball world has seen in the last 25 years!

Offensively, ‘The Kid’ was lights out!!  He batted .304 on the year and compiled a .646 slugging percentage.  He collected 185 hits while smacking 34 doubles and 56 homers.  He was also a big run producer for the Mariners as he scored 125 times while also driving in 147.

To round out his amazing offensive output, Griffey had a stellar year in the field.  He committed just 6 errors and ended the ’97 campaign with a .985 fielding percentage.

Al in all, 1997 was an incredible season for Junior.  He was an All-Star, A Gold Glove Award winner, A Silver Slugger Award winner, and the 1997 American League Most Valuable Player!!

Congratulations Junior!!!

Ken Griffey Jr Has Been An All-Star 13 Times!!!

Ken Griffey Jr Has Been An All-Star 13 Times!!!

With 13 appearances in the Major League All-star game to his credit, Ken Griffey Jr. cemented himself as one of his era’s greatest players.

Of his 13 trips to the ‘Mid-Summer Classic’, eleven of his appearances were in consecutive seasons from 1990-2000.  Griffey had a stranglehold on a roster spot as he was one of the decades most accomplished players.

And of those 13 contests, none was greater than the 1992 All-Star Game.  Griffey won the Most Valuable Player Award in that game that year due to his solid performance.  On the day, he went 3-for-3 while driving in 2 runs and also hitting a home run.

Ken Griffey Jr Is A Defensive Master

Ken Griffey Jr Is A Defensive Master

If anyone made playing the outfield cool, it was Ken Griffey Jr.

While he was never classified as ‘the fastest guy on the team’, Griffey definitely had a knack for getting to the ball and putting his body on the line in the process if needed.  With tons of running grabs, shoe-string catches, and over-the-head acrobatic plays to his credit, Ken Griffey Jr. earned each of the 10 Gold Glove Awards he won during his career.

A very well-rounded player, Griffey did not have the best arm, best feet, or best anything.  Well, there is one exception – he had the best desire!  Griffey did anything and everything to routinely make plays in the outfield.  His play won the hearts of fans across the country as they saw a player that just simply loved to play baseball!!!

Thank you for making it fun for us!!

Ken Griffey Jr. And That Perfect Swing…

Ken Griffey Jr. And That Perfect Swing…

Classic.  Textbook.  Sweet.  Natural.

All of these words have been used time and time again to describe that beautiful left-handed swing of Ken Griffey Jr.  And deservedly so…

Griffey’s swing is the perfect mix of balance, power, speed, and just a hint of upper-cut.  And the results???

How about 12 seasons of at least 140 or more hits.  And then there are the 15 seasons of at least 20 or more home runs.

Either way you look at it, Ken Griffey Jr. is am amazing sight to watch while at bat.  He is one of just a handful of players that if I am surfing the channels and see him at the plate, I will stop each and every time!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. And One Of The Most Anticipated Debuts In Major League Baseball History

Ken Griffey Jr. And One Of The Most Anticipated Debuts In Major League Baseball History

Call it peer pressure.  Call it pressure from family.  Call it pressure from being raised in a winning professional baseball environment.

No matter how you slice it or dice it, the amount of pressure on Ken Griffey Jr. prior to his major league debut was unlike anything I have ever seen before.  If Griffey had been born twenty years later, and in the age of social media, there is no doubt that the hype around him would have been equal to or greater than what young talents like Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper have had to deal with.

Still, Griffey managed to shine as an 18-year old phenom.  And his career worked out rather nicely too!!

Go Get ‘Em Kid!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. And His Very Famous Father

Ken Griffey Jr. And His Very Famous Father

It’s not often that both father and son can enjoy the same profession at the same time.  And even more than that, it is not often that the younger member of the family outshines his veteran father at an early age.

But that is exactly what happened when Ken Griffey Jr. joined the big leagues back in 1989.  His dad, Griffey Sr, was still active and playing with the Reds at the time.  But as soon as Junior entered the league, all of the attention went his way.  Normally anyone that was used to being the center of attention would have a problem with the sudden decrease of spotlight aimed at them.  But not Senior, he wanted to take part in his son’s big league career so he finished his playing days on the same team as his superstar son.

The Griffeys were the first father/son duo to suit up for the same team at the same time.  They are also the first pair to ever hit back-to-back home runs in a game!!!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of us could have these kinds of experiences with our dads??  Family bonds would be so much stronger!!!

Happy Birthday Ken Griffey Jr!!!!

Happy Birthday Ken Griffey Jr!!!!

Ken Griffey Jr. turns 43 years old today.

And what else would we do at ’30-YOC’ to celebrate one of the game’s greatest players???

You had to ask huh…  We’re going to dedicate this day to Junior and reminisce and enjoy several of his amazing career achievements!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Griffey!!!