Attention Miami Marlins Management: TRADE GIANCARLO STANTON RIGHT NOW!!!!

Attention Miami Marlins Management: TRADE GIANCARLO STANTON RIGHT NOW!!!!

I have let the actions of the Miami Marlins management team marinate for the last week.  And in that time, my emotions have run full circle – hate, bitter, despise, and distrust are just some of the feelings that have swept over me since they traded away five of their regular players to the Blue Jays.

And now, I sit here with a level head.

I have read countless articles.  I have listened to audio clips.  I have heard interviews on the radio.

And now, I feel this way: TRADE GIANCARLO STANTON RIGHT NOW!!!!

Stanton is pissed at the club, and he has a right to feel that way.  I would feel that way if I was in his shoes.  He was told that players were brought in to get on base in front of him and also to protect him by batting behind him.  Almost all of those guys are now gone.  Also gone is the likelihood that Stanton drives in 100 runs next year, of even 80 for that matter.  And that will affect his arbitration cases over the next few years.

He posted this on Twitter moments after the trade was announced:

Listen, nobody enjoys watching this guy hit balls 500+ feet more than me.  I have seen him do it countless times, and I feel that he is one of the few players in the MLB today that can wear the ‘Did you see what X Did’ crown.

Today, seven full days after the trade, I remain a Marlins fan – and a loyal one at that.

I have heard this mentioned for the last few days, and even brought more into the forefront when Stanton was quoted in this article.

And now I believe that the best move that the Marlins have yet to make is trading Stanton this year (2013).  I don’t see that the team has any chance of signing him to a long-term deal.  They can play the arbitration game with him for the next four years, but ultimately, he will not be a Marlin after 2016.  They dumped his best friend, Gaby Sanchez, off the team near the All-Star break.  The fired his manager while the two of them were in Europe on vacation together.  And this last trade has sent him over the edge.  He didn’t state anything publicly when Gaby and Ozzie were let go.  But now, he has spoken and the Marlins need to listen.

Trading him to a contender that can offer youth at several positions in the way to go.  Any team would gladly take his low-salary into their books.  He may just be the best investment in baseball.  Why wouldn’t a team like Texas or Boston or Anaheim offer up 2 or 3 of their top prospects to bring in a guy that does not make a lot of money but can produce numbers that rival the likes of the game’s greatest run producers?   And at a fraction of the cost…

If the Marlins are truly working to build a team for the future, they should strongly consider dealing Stanton now or at the All-Star break as the playoff races start to shape up.  His bat will be sought after by any and all clubs that are looking for one more guy to fill their offensive woes.   And Stanton can surely deliver!!

It is time to get real.  Load up with as many prospects as you can now and build the foundation for a bright future.  Trade Stanton and haul in a few prodigy-type players.

Do it now, make him happy and confirm to all of us that you are indeed all about building for the future.

Giancarlo, I will cheer for you as long as you are wearing a Marlins uniform.  You have been one of the few bright spots in this organization and I wish you nothing but the best.  But the best for you is to get out of Miami as fast as you can.



4 responses to “Attention Miami Marlins Management: TRADE GIANCARLO STANTON RIGHT NOW!!!!

  1. One team that can trade quality prospects is the Nationals. I’m sure that trade wouldn’t happen, but I wish it would!

  2. We’ll take him here in Toronto. We have lots of minor leaguers for the Marlins “rebuilding” project.

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