Jim Abbott ‘Fab Five’ – Card #5 – 1993 Topps

Jim Abbott ‘Fab Five’ – Card #5 – 1993 Topps

Now that my Jim Abbott player collection is complete, it is time to show of my favorite five cards from the set.

Card #5 – 1993 Topps

The 1993 Topps baseball card design is an underrated one – at least in my opinion.  I like the card’s simple player name and team banners and I especially like the oversized photo.

As for Jim Abbott’s card from this set, I really, really like it – and I am usually not a big fan of the zoomed-in photo…

But, the photographer really took us in with this card.  We get all of the details – from how Abbott held the glove on his non-pitching hand to the grips he uses on what appears to be a curve-ball.

Great card!

One response to “Jim Abbott ‘Fab Five’ – Card #5 – 1993 Topps

  1. Your favorite player! Youve posted more Abbott than you have Dawson!

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