New Subset Coming To Wednesday Nights!!!

New Subset Coming To Wednesday Nights!!!

The title of the post says it all.  I have a new subset to show off, and I will be doing so on Wednesday nights.

 I have really enjoyed the subsets that have debuted in 2012.  My favorite is the ‘Career Day’ set and I am in the process of building and showing that one off on Mondays.

And now, on Wednesdays, I will show off another one of the subsets that I really like.  I was able to scoop up the complete set for just $2.99 with the shipping included. 

Without giving it away, the set includes a nice handful of Hall of Famers and superstars.

And here is one final hint…

Any guesses?  I am sure that you have a few…

Next week, I will provide the checklist.  And from there, it will be time for the cards!!

Have a nice night.


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