Baseball Card Show Tonight!!!

Baseball Card Show Tonight!!!

As you are reading this, I am either on my way to, attending, or coming home from what we be the last baseball card show that I attend in 2012.  Yes, the monthly card show’s 2012 calendar is set to expire after this weekend.

And my fingers are crossed that this show is better than the one I attended last month.  While I was still able to walk away with some cool stuff at the show last month, the number of dealers was drastically lower than what I was used to and I would like to see the last show of the year end on a good note!

As for what I am seeking out at this card show, I have a things that I would like to find:

  • cards on my ‘Top Ten Want List’
  • vintage cards – mid 1970’s
  • Hank Aaron modern cards
  • new player collection options
  • inspiration for my 2013 collecting goals

My fingers are crossed that this show goes well.  On Monday, I will show off my entire haul for you, so please stay tuned for that. 

Have a nice weekend!


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