Hall Of Fame Debate: Gimme Five!!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Gimme Five!!!

I thought that this would be a fun way to start off the ‘Hall Of Fame Debate’ at 30-Year Old Cardboard.

What I am seeking is your list of five eligible players that you would give your vote to for Hall of Fame election.  Your list can be made up of players that have been on the ballot for several years or guys that are fairly new to the list of eligible players.

**My one requisite is that you omit any/all of the players that are eligible for the first time in 2013.  So, no Bonds, Clemens, Schilling, Biggio, Piazza, etc…  We will discuss those guys, I promise, in great detail.

But for now, I want to see what kind of dialogue we can get going about the players on the prior ballots that have yet to make the cut.

I am going to participate in this as well.  You can say that am giving myself five, if you wish.

And here they are, in random order:

Tim Raines

photo raines

Lee Smith

photo lee smith

Alan Trammell

photo trammell

Rafael Palmeiro

photo palmeiro

Dale Murphy

photo murphy

Agree or Disagree with my picks?  Great, let’s chat about it.

Ultimately, I will compile a list of all of the players that make the cut in your eyes and try to examine their careers further.

Thank you for your participation.  Have a great night!!

38 responses to “Hall Of Fame Debate: Gimme Five!!!

  1. PETE ROSE!, Dale Murphy, Rafael Palmeiro, Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell

  2. Ted Simmons, Lee Smith, Pete Rose, Tim Raines, Harold Baines, are my choices. The stats speak for themselves on all those players.

  3. Just can’t get there with Palmeiro, the stats are there but he is a big fat liar and never was one of the top people in the game during his career.

    I would go with Pete Rose, Tim Raines, Jack Morris, Mark McGwire and Dale Murphy.

    • Adam- No to Raffy, but yes to McGwire? Hmmm…

      • What if Palmeiro was telling the truth about that B12 shot that he got from Tejada? I think MLB should have looked into that more and instead of looking into that, they got their big name player who failed a drug test, to say our system works.

        You don’t have over 3,000 hits, close to 600 home runs and win multiple gold gloves without being one of the top players in the game during your career.

      • Even if he didn’t lie, the numbers speak volumes about the talent. Think about the other three guys to amass what Raffy accomplished – Aaron, Mays, Murray – baseball royalty!

        I never considered him elite, or even exceptional. He was extremely streaky, and his accomplishments are not matched by many….

  4. Jack Morris, Dale Murphy, Lee smith, Tim Raines and i wish Don Mattingly if effort was a category in stats he would be in in my book

  5. My list is a mix of eligible and non-eligible players that I think deserve in the HOF.

    Tim Raines, Thurman Munson, Albert Belle, Fred McGriff and Pete Rose.

    • Matt- I can dig four of your picks. But Albert Belle? WHOA!!!

      • Dude when I saw his average year numbers, I couldn’t believe he wasn’t in the HOF.
        162 Game AVG Season 1989-2000
        BA HR RBI R OPS
        .295 40 130 103 .933

        If Kirby Puckett is in the HOF, Belle should be in as well.

        Puckett 1984-1995
        162 Game AVG Season
        AVG HR RBI R OPS
        .318 19 99 97 .837

        They both played 12 seasons and yes Puckett won more WS titles than Belle, but Albert was the premier power hitter when he played and the only reason he’s not in the HOF is because he’s not a nice guy.

      • Holy cow, those numbers are superb!

  6. Best stats of any catcher not in the Hall already. Hall is short on catchers too.

  7. Jack Morris, Kent Herbek, jeff bagwell pete rose and Don Mattingly

  8. Tim Raines, Lee Smith, Fred McGriff, and Jeff Bagwell are my for sure four, if I had to choose a fifth, Jack Morris. I like the idea of putting Thurman Munson in, but he would have to be chosen by the Veteran’s Committee.

  9. Tim Raines, Harold Baines, Dave Concepcion, Gil Hodges and Buck O’Neil.

  10. Hell no on Palmeiro. Other than him I agree with your list. I support Lee Smith & Fred McGriff more than any others & Id really like to see Raines & Murphy get in. Another batch of players include: Dave Parker, Jim Kaat, Mattingly, Larry Walker, Ted Simmons, Dick Allen, Jack Morris, Thurmon Munson, Ken Boyer, Gil Hodges.
    Someone mentioned Albert Bell which I side with. The guy had a terrible attitude not sure if it was roid rage or not, but he had 10 straight solid seasons which have gone un-noticed. Maybe he doesnt deserve the HOF, but I like seeing his name mentioned. I dont think anyone linked to roids deserves the HOF!

  11. Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell, Edgar Martinez, Alan Trammell, Larry Walker are my top five choices for holdovers that are on this year’s ballot

  12. Albert Belle
    Juan Gonzalez
    Dale Murphy
    Tim Raines
    Dwight Gooden

    • We have a Dwight Gooden sighting! He had the best start to a pitchin career that I ever witnessed. Not quite sure if the full resume is HOF worthy, but if you had to vote based on just the first four years of a career, Doc would be in!

  13. Pete Rose

    Buck O’Neil
    Dick Allen
    Jack Morris
    Mark McGwire

  14. I’m with you on all the above except Trammell.

    Needed a few extra years with the bat to get there.

    Some say that about Murphy but the Hall is not just about stats.

    He was simply one of the greatest embassadors of the game.

  15. Lee Smith, Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell, Fred McGriff, Tim Raines

  16. My top 5:
    dave concepcion
    thurman munson
    lee smith
    steve garvey
    jack morris
    (honorable mention to fred mcgriff and tim/rock raines)

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