Johnny Bench’s Fantastic Autograph

Johnny Bench’s Fantastic Autograph

If a player could teach a ‘How To Sign’ class, Johnny Bench could easily be the professor.

His signature is crisp, clear, and almost perfectly executed each time.  In fact, of all of the Bench signatures I have seen both in person and online, I have to say that I have never seen a bad one.

Written in a very clean script, his autograph is easy to read while offering just enough flare to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

I once read that as a kid growing up, Bench used to practice his signature repeatedly so he got accustomed to the same look and feel each and every time he signed.  He took a lot of pride in his signature, and wanted the recipients to be pleased with what he offered.

I have two in my collection, and if I have my way, more will follow.

Here is just one example of the perfection that Bench offers up:


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