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Keith Hernandez 2001 Topps Archives – 1975 Topps Design

Keith Hernandez 2001 Topps Archives – 1975 Topps Design

I have to settle for this reprint of Keith Hernandez’s 1975 Topps rookie card for now.  But in time, the original from the ’75 set is the one that I am after…

Keith Hernandez was the model for defense at first base throughout his entire career.  Hernandez captured the Gold Glove over 11 straight seasons.  But Keith Hernandez was not a 1-dimensional player.  With a lifetime batting average of .296, Hernandez also drove in 1,071 runs while scoring 1,124 himself.  Keith’s best season came in 1979 when he won the league’s MVP award after posting a .344 batting average while driving in 105 runs and scoring 116 times.  Hernandez would go on to finish in the Top 21 in the MVP race 8 times while also grabbing 5 All-star selections.  Keith Hernandez played in 2 World Series contests winning both – 1 in 1982 with the Cardinals and then again in 1986 with the Mets.

Nolan Ryan 2001 Topps Re-Print – ’50 Years Of Topps’

Nolan Ryan 2001 Topps Re-Print – ’50 Years Of Topps’

This card comes from the ’50 Years Of Topps’ set that Topps issued in 2001 as a way to honor their major anniversary.

I like the theme of the card.  I like the logo that Topps created to honor this special occasion.  I just don’t know why they chose Nolan Ryan and the 1989 card to showcase within this set.

Have a look:

Nolan Ryan’s first card with Topps came all the way back in 1968.  That means that they had 24 base card designs to choose from if they wanted to include Mr. Ryan in their set.

Ryan’s 1989 Topps card is far from his best – it would not come close to making any ‘Fab Five’ list at ’30-YOC’ that is for sure…  If I had a vote, I would have gone with 1970, 1971, 1982, or maybe 1983, certainly not 1989…

Oh well, beggars cannot be chosers…

Alan Trammell 1989 Score

Alan Trammell 1989 Score

I think that my favorite part of the 1989 Score baseball card design is the hidden baseball diamond behind the player’s name.

No, I don’t think that I uncovered something that has gone unseen for 20+ years.  I just don’t think that a lot of people see that when they first look at the card.

Have a look:

In what is a rather ordinary and basic design, I really like how the baseball diamond is there but does not take away from any other aspect of the card design or photo.

Nice work, Score!

1965 HEADLINE: Frank Robinson Traded To Baltimore

1965 HEADLINE: Frank Robinson Traded To Baltimore

In a move that shocked the baseball world, Frank Robinson was traded from the Cincinnati Reds to the Baltimore Orioles during the prime of his career.

Already established as one of the game’s great sluggers, Robinson would go on to make baseball history several times with Baltimore – just like he did with the Reds.

From www.baseballreference.com, the details of the trade are: “Traded by the Reds to the Orioles for Jack Baldschun, Milt Pappas, and Dick Simpson.”

I have to think that the Orioles got the better of that deal, huh??

Joe Morgan 2003 Topps Tribute Game-Used Bat Relic Card – 1st All-Star Game!!!

Joe Morgan 2003 Topps Tribute Game-Used Bat Relic Card – 1st All-Star Game!!!

I fell in love with this card the moment that I saw it!!!

Yes, I may have paid a little more for it than what I normally would have liked, but that is alright.  The card looks great and is a perfect addition to my Joe Morgan player collection.

Have a look:

There are so many things to like about this card.  Instead of trying to rank them, I will just list them instead.

  1. my first relic card of Morgan in a non-Reds uniform
  2. commemorates Morgan’s first all-star season of 1966 (Morgan’s second year in big leagues)
  3. Topps Tribute is a beautiful set
  4. I love those old Astros uniforms
  5. nice chunk of wood from Morgan’s bat
  6. the scripting of Morgan’s name, done in a color that complements the Astros colors


’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Samuel L. Jackson Movies!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Samuel L. Jackson Movies!!!

This next ‘Top Ten List’ is the result of a comment from last week’s list that uncovered my ‘Top Ten Eddie Murphy Movies’.

Reader Gerad told us that his favorite actor was Samuel L. Jackson and he wanted to see what kind of list I could come up with for all of the films that he has starred in.

I am up to the challenge, so here we go!!!

First, let me tell you two things – (1) Samuel L Jackson has been in a lot of movies!!  It was not easy to build the list.  I have seen a good handful of the films, but definitely not all of them.  (2) I prefer him in the supporting role, and not as the main character.  In my opinion, he is so dominant and memorable while on screen that he does not need to be in the lead role to make an impact that is memorable.  You will see that for many of my top ten, he is not the ‘headliner’ of the film.

Now that this is out of the way, on to the list!!!

Honorable Mention: The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Negotiator, Deep Blue Sea, Shaft, Changing Lanes, Coach Carter, and Black Snake Moan.

10 – The Incredibles


9 – Jurassic Park

jurassic park

8 – Lakeview Terrace

lakeview terrace

7 – Resurrecting The Champ

resurrecting the champ

6 – The Avengers


5 – Twisted


4 – SWAT


3 – Unbreakable


2 – Die Hard: With A Vengeance

die hard

1 – Pulp Ficton

pulp fiction

Now that is a pretty solid list of films right there!!

And as you can see, my preference is to see Samuel L. Jackson in a complimentary role versus as the lead actor. 

What is your favorite film with Samuel L. Jackson??  Did I miss any that you feel should have made the cut??

Let me hear it!!!