’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Samuel L. Jackson Movies!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Samuel L. Jackson Movies!!!

This next ‘Top Ten List’ is the result of a comment from last week’s list that uncovered my ‘Top Ten Eddie Murphy Movies’.

Reader Gerad told us that his favorite actor was Samuel L. Jackson and he wanted to see what kind of list I could come up with for all of the films that he has starred in.

I am up to the challenge, so here we go!!!

First, let me tell you two things – (1) Samuel L Jackson has been in a lot of movies!!  It was not easy to build the list.  I have seen a good handful of the films, but definitely not all of them.  (2) I prefer him in the supporting role, and not as the main character.  In my opinion, he is so dominant and memorable while on screen that he does not need to be in the lead role to make an impact that is memorable.  You will see that for many of my top ten, he is not the ‘headliner’ of the film.

Now that this is out of the way, on to the list!!!

Honorable Mention: The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Negotiator, Deep Blue Sea, Shaft, Changing Lanes, Coach Carter, and Black Snake Moan.

10 – The Incredibles


9 – Jurassic Park

jurassic park

8 – Lakeview Terrace

lakeview terrace

7 – Resurrecting The Champ

resurrecting the champ

6 – The Avengers


5 – Twisted


4 – SWAT


3 – Unbreakable


2 – Die Hard: With A Vengeance

die hard

1 – Pulp Ficton

pulp fiction

Now that is a pretty solid list of films right there!!

And as you can see, my preference is to see Samuel L. Jackson in a complimentary role versus as the lead actor. 

What is your favorite film with Samuel L. Jackson??  Did I miss any that you feel should have made the cut??

Let me hear it!!!

5 responses to “’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Samuel L. Jackson Movies!!!

  1. Some films you missed were Jackie Brown, Eve’s Bayou, Jungle Fever, & Hard Eight. His cameo in Coming To America is hilarious!!! Can’t wait to see Django Unchained!!!!


    Just kidding, haven’t seen it. The Negotiator and Unbreakable were both pretty good, I’ll admit I haven’t seen very many SLJ movies.

  3. My Jackson line from “Long Kiss Goodnight”:
    “You know what happens when you make an assumption? You make an ass out of you and umption.”

    I notice no one mentioned “Amos & Andrew”. Probably for good reason. If they had made that movie 10 years later, it probably would have been huge. But the script would have likely been completely different.

  4. He’s not in it for long, but I love True Romance!

  5. Snakes on a Plane!


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