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1993 Flair Florida Marlins Team Set

1993 Flair Florida Marlins Team Set

Fleer’s Flair brand took their brand to another level.

Prior to the release of Flair, Fleer had always used inferior cardstock with grainy images and cheap graphics.

The Flair brand changed my mind about that company – the cards were strong competitors with high quality brands like Upper Deck and Topps Stadium Club.

I recently bought the Miami Marlins 1993 Flair team set.

Here it is:


It’s just an eleven card set, but it looks fantastic.  The cardstock and image quality combined with the high-gloss finish makes these cards look like little photographs.

I also really like the Flair logo done in Gold!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Topps Pristine ‘The Legendary Years’ Uncirculated Refractor

Fergie Jenkins 2005 Topps Pristine ‘The Legendary Years’ Uncirculated Refractor

It is amazing how all of this came about.  Months back, I did not know that this card even existed.  And today, with this addition, I have three of them!

I scored the first card due to a saved Ebay search of ‘Fergie Jenkins Autograph’.  I saw the card, and it was hand signed by Fergie, for the first time and was immediately intrigued as it was a card I had never seen before.  Yes, I won it!!

From there, I set out to see if I could get the same card unsigned.  And I did, the base card of the set.  That would be #2.

And then I scored this beauty!!

This is the uncirculated refractor of the card that comes in one of those nifty Topps plastic cases with the Topps hologram seal at the top.

The card is serial numbered as 461/549 and it looks fantastic.

Are there more versions of this card out there to be had?  If so, I will try to find them.  And if I find them, I will work hard to bring them home into my collection!!

Wish me luck.

Dave Parker 1979 Topps

Dave Parker 1979 Topps

Dave Parker entered the 1979 baseball season coming off an MVP performance during the prior year.

And while it would be hard to replicate the amazing season that Parker had in ’78, he had a very productive season in 1979 as well.

The numbers: 193 hits, .310 batting average, .390 on base percentage, 45 doubles, 7 triples, 25 home runs, 20 stolen bases, 94 RBI, and 109 runs scored.  Parker was named to the All-Star team in 1979 and he also captured his third and final Gold Glove Award.

Reader Marc Helps Me Fill 18 Holes In My Eric Davis Player Collection Checklist. YES!!!

Reader Marc Helps Me Fill 18 Holes In My Eric Davis Player Collection Checklist. YES!!!

The generosity of the ’30-YOC’ reader is amazing.  It happens often, and it is usually geared right towards my collecting preferences.

About a week ago, I received an email from reader Marc who said that he could help me with my Eric Davis collection.  Marc and I have traded cards in the past so I knew that he lived in Ohio, ‘Reds Country’.

I was eager to see what he had in store for more, and true to his word, I got a shipment from him in less than a week.

In total, he sent 18 cards my way – each one filling a need in the collection of cards I am building to honor Davis’ Reds career.

Here are the eighteen nine cards:

Thank you Marc.  This really accelerates my progress on this collection.  Your generosity is appreciated and I will work to send you back some stuff that you will enjoy just as much.