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2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Subset – Card #MD-1 – Tom Seaver, Cincinnati Reds

2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Subset – Card #MD-1 – Tom Seaver, Cincinnati Reds

I really like the ‘Mound Dominance’ subset that Topps included in their 2012 base set.  The cards are sharp, the graphics are solid, and I am a sucker for cards that pay homage to a historic baseball event.

The ‘Mound Dominance’ set recalls 15 amazing pitching performances in major league history.

This is card #1 – Tom Seaver, Cincinnati Reds

The dominant day – June 16, 1978.  On this day, Seaver threw a no-hitter against the St. Louis Cardinals.  This was Seaver’s lone no-hitter of his career.  In the game, he struck out three while walking three and allowing no hits and nor runs.  The Reds beat the Cardinals 4-0.

Progress – 1/15

Willie McCovey 2000 Fleer Greats Of The Game

Willie McCovey 2000 Fleer Greats Of The Game

Jeez, talk about a border that was built for a team?  The color of this 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game set is a perfect complement to the colors of the San Francisco Giants!!

Have a look:

I love this set, and I have a lot of cards from it.  The imaging is solid.  I like the  3-D feel that the card has with McCovey’s bat laying on top of the border.  And the Fleer GOTG logo is excellent!!

Mike Schmidt 1985 Topps

Mike Schmidt 1985 Topps

The 1985 Topps set was the first set that I actively collected as a kid.  And while I ultimately finished the 792-card set, I was an unorganized 10-year old doing so.

At the time, I had no concept of buying commons to fill voids in a checklist.  Instead, I just bought more packs.  And when they cost just fifty cents each, that was not too much to ask for.

All of those ‘extra’ packs led to me having a lot of extra cards in my collection.

And I firmly remember having a full page of this card from the set, Mike Schmidt’s base card:

It’s too bad that I got rid of all of that stuff years ago.  If I hadn’t, this is certainly one that I would not have had to re-buy today…

Did You Know…

Baseball salaries are amazing.  Of the Hall of Famers that retired during the 1960’s, Mickey Mantle made the most in a single season with a $100,000 salary from each season from 1963-1968.  He was followed by Eddie Matthews who earned $73,500 in 1968.  And Matthews was tied with Duke Snider who made $73,500 in 1965.


George ‘Sparky’ Anderson 1960 Topps Baseball Card – YES!!!

George ‘Sparky’ Anderson 1960 Topps Baseball Card – YES!!!

In mid-November, I shared the Top Ten Most Wanted Cards for my collection with the readers of this blog.

The list had cards that were old, and cards that were new.  The list featured rookies, and autographs, and error cards too.

Well, I can proudly say that I have now added one of those cards to my collection.

#7 to be precise – 1960 Topps George ‘Sparky’ Anderson

Have a look: 

This card is a perfect complement to the 1959 rookie card of ‘Sparky’ that I scored a few  months ago.

Sparky’s big league career spanned just 152 games, all coming in 1959.  With the addition of this card to my collection, I now have the two cards issued of Sparky from his playing days.

There are a lot of cards of Sparky from his managing days that I do not have.  I may have to go after them next!!!