Fergie Jenkins And His Seven 20-Win Seasons

Fergie Jenkins And His Seven 20-Win Seasons

When the name Ferguson Jenkins is mentioned, 1 of the very first things that someone will bring up is his incredible streak of six seasons in which he tallied 20 or more wins.

This is a remarkable feat, and one worthy of praise and honor!!!  It can be expanded to say ‘In seven out of 8…’ but I too agree that ‘Six straight’ sounds a little better.

Here are the numbers:

Year Wins Starts Complete Games
1967 20 38 20
1968 20 40 20
1969 21 42 23
1970 22 40 24
1971 24 39 40
1972 20 36 23
Totals 127 235 150

Pretty nice huh??  While winning more than half of the games he started for a less than stellar Cubs team, it may be just as impressive that Fergie completed nearly 64% of the those contests.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Fergie won just 14 games in 1973.  It was his final season during his first stint with the Cubs.  But he did follow-up with a 25-win debut with the Texas Rangers in 1974!!


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