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2005 Leaf Florida Marlins Team Set

2005 Leaf Florida Marlins Team Set

Time to show off another Marlins team set.  This time around, I went for one that featured former, and now current, Marlins Juan Pierre.

Here is the set:

2005 LEAF A

2005 LEAF B

I like the set.  And I love those guys that were on the 2003 World Series squad as well!!

Plus, two Dontrelle Willis cards in the same team set is a nice bonus…

As for the Marlins signing of Juan Pierre, I am actually ok with it.  He is a nice veteran presence, and he can still do things on the base paths.  I also think that while he is not tremendously skilled as it relates to his arm strength, I do think that he can help the young outfielders of the Marlins learn how to get better at their craft.

Cheers to you, JP!!  I’m happy to have you back in Miami!!


Jim Palmer 2012 Panini Cooperstown Collection

Jim Palmer 2012 Panini Cooperstown Collection

I have had a pretty tought time hauling in the cards from the new 2012 Panini Cooperstown set.

Maybe it is the $4.99 price tag that accompanies the 5-card packs, but I have not found as many of the base and crystal parallel cards on Ebay as I expected to find.

Thankfully, I have been able to score a few for my player collections.

The first one I was able to grab was the Jim Palmer card.

Have a look:

The card is much better than what I expected.  And to be honest, I really like the design, colors, and overall look of the card.

The HOF year that adorns the banners in the upper corners is a nice, yet subtle approach too.

I’m happy with this pick-up.  Now, I need to grab myself a few more!!

Reggie Jackson 2003 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

Reggie Jackson 2003 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

Reggie Jackson’s legend was built on his performance in the World Series.  He is most famous for his dominance in Game 6 of the 1977 championship due to his 3-HR performance.

Prior to that, Reggie was a 3-time champion with the Oakland Athletics.  He won titles with the A’s in 1972, 1973, and 1974.

So, I am not too upset that Fleer chose to feature Reggie in his A’s uniform for their 2003 Fall Classic set.

But, maybe they could have issued another card in the same set featurig him in his pinstripes too…

Anyway, here is the card:


Looks great!!!

1979 Topps – 1978 MLB Batting Leaders With Dave Parker & Rod Carew

1979 Topps – 1978 MLB Batting Leaders With Dave Parker & Rod Carew

Nothing wrong with taking a little stroll down memory lane on this fine Sunday morning…

This time, we will go back to 1979, when music was groovy, style was fresh, and Rod Carew and Dave Parker were leading the league in batting average.

This card is from the 1979 Topps set, and it pays homage to the batting champions from the NL and AL from the 1978 baseball season.

Have a look:

The card officially goes into my Dave Parker collection since I already have it in my Rod Carew PC.

As for the hitting, Rod Carew paced the American League with a .333 average in 1978.  Parker was 1/1000 better as he led the NL with a .334 batting average!

Andre Dawson 2001 Fleer Showcase ‘Awards Showcase’ Game-Used Jersey Card

Andre Dawson 2001 Fleer Showcase ‘Awards Showcase’ Game-Used Jersey Card

The relic cards from the 2001 Fleer Showcase are far from outstanding.

Don’t get me wrong, the cards are nice.  Just far from exceptional and much closer to mediocre.

But, they do appear to be a little more rare than some of the Fleer relic cards of Andre Dawson that followed.  I have not seen too many of these floating around on Ebay.  And when I have found one, it usually sells for more than what I am willing to pay.

Thankfully, my patience paid off and I was able to affordably score one.

Have a look: