’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Robert DeNiro Movies!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Robert DeNiro Movies!!!

Last week it was Samuel L. Jackson.

And the week before that, it was Eddie Murphy.

You can say that I am on a bit of a movie kick, and I would agree 100%.

You see, as a baseball fan that can watch any two teams compete at the highest level, I rarely need to find things to watch between April and October.  But, for the months outside of that time frame, I look to movies to fill the entertainment void.

And just like with baseball, I like films from prior decades as compared to what is being churned out today.  So, you can expect a lot of non-baseball related ‘Top Ten Lists’ to keep you entertained on your Sunday nights.  But, I do promise to sprinkle in a few from time to time too.

Ok, on to my Robert DeNiro list.  Here we go:

10 – A Bronx Tale


9 – The Fan


8 – Sleepers


7 – Men Of Honor


6 – Heat


5 – The Untouchables


4 – Cape Fear


3 – Raging Bull


2 – Meet The Parents


1 – Goodfellas


Man, this guy can act; very versatile too!  And he has been making feature films since the 1960’s.  Sure, I cannot recall the last time I wanted to head to the theater to see one his new ones, but pop in any of the movies on the above list into the DVD player, and I am all in!!!

Did I miss any films featuring Robert DeNiro that you like better?  Did I miss any entirely??  Let me know.

Have a nice night!

8 responses to “’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Robert DeNiro Movies!!!

  1. Taxi Driver, Godfather II, Mean Streets,
    Bang The Drum Slowly, Raging Bull,
    The Deer Hunter,
    Once Upon A Time In America,
    The King Of Comedy, Midnight Run,
    Jackie Brown, and Cop Land.

  2. Not a bad top 10 ! Cop Land was an excellent movie too. I also liked him in The Score & 15 Minutes. Great actor …. one of my all-time favorites !

  3. Great list. Huge fan of Deniro… especially: Good Fellas, Meet the Parents (& Meet the Fockers), Casino, Raging Bull, The Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver, and of course The Godfather Pt. 2.

  4. Very tough to pick just 10, all your choices are up there. Strangely the only one I’ve not seen in your list, and the lists of the others, is The Fan. You’d think with it being about baseball, I’d have seen it… My favorite DeNiro role is Raging Bull or Taxi Driver, followed by Mean Streets and Once Upon A Time in America. Love his character in Jackie Brown too.

  5. Midnight run for sure. Glad to see rocky and bullwinkle didn’t make the list.

  6. C’mon guys: King of Comedy, of course

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