Ozzie’s Defense Earned Him 13 Gold Glove Awards!!

Ozzie’s Defense Earned Him 13 Gold Glove Awards!!

Make no mistake about it, Ozzie Smith is one of the greatest defensive infielders of all-time.  And for shortstops, he ranks as #1!!!

Ozzie made playing defense cool.  As a kid, I played first and third base.  But that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to roam around between second and third trying to replicate what Ozzie was doing in St. Louis.  He made playing defense a respected part of the game during the 1980’s and he took the expectations of what a shortstop can do to a whole new level.

Ozzie won 13 consecutive Gold Glove awards, from 1980-1992.  It was said that his range was so vast that he could cover any ground ball hit between the second base bag and third.  With lightning quick reflexes, and feet to match, Ozzie was spectacular in the field.

And while he may not have effected each game he played in with his bat, his glove certainly did the job on a nightly basis!!!


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