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2005 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

2005 Topps Florida Marlins Team Set

When I look at this Florida Marlins team set, I cannot really figure out what Topps wanted the focal point of the cards to be.

Have a look at the full set:

2005 TOPPS A

2005 TOPPS B

2005 TOPPS C

The cards feature nice, large action-packed photography and that always helps.  But, what has me puzzled in the need for the players last name to stand alone on the top of each card, wouldn’t this have been a better place to add the team name or logo to the card instead?  I like that Topps used the real Marlins logo in Teal on the card.  And the Black background really helps the logo stand out on the bottom.  I just find it a bit mis-placed…

What do you think?  Do you like the 2005 Topps baseball card design?  What do you think about the player’s name standing alone on the top of the card??

Jim Palmer 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw OUT’ – Original Back

Jim Palmer 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’ – Original Back

Another Jim Palmer rookie card re-print for the collection, YES!!

This card comes courtesy of the 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’ set.  This is the ‘Original Back’ version of the card; I already have the CYMTO version.

Have a look:

Mike Schmidt 2002 Topps Tribute – 500 Career Home Runs Commemorative

Mike Schmidt 2002 Topps Tribute – 500 Career Home Runs Commemorative

The early releases of the Topps Tribute brand does a great job of commemorating the special moments in baseball history that helped add exclamation points to a player’s career.

I have a handful of these cards, some of which commemorate a specific number of pitching wins or strikeouts achieved or home runs hit.

This is my latest addition to my collection from the set, the Mike Schmidt card.

Have a look:


The card celebrates Schmidt hitting his 500th career home run.   I remember watching the highlights of that occasion, and the fist-pumping glory of Schmidt as he rounded the bases as he became a member of the ‘500 Home Runs Club’.

Thank you Topps for the reminder!!  A fantastic card celebrating a great achivement!!

Alan Trammell 1984 Donruss – What Is Alan Trammell Doing In This Photo??

Alan Trammell 1984 Donruss – What Is Alan Trammell Doing In This Photo??

Since the 1984 Donruss baseball card design does not offer a whole lot to talk about, we need to dig a little deeper into the card and analyze the photo instead.

And this photo is a pretty unique one.

So unique in fact, that I really have no clue what Trammell is doing in it!

Have a look:

So, please help me decipher what is happening in this image.

Here are a few guesses to help stimulate the imagination:

  1. watching a foul ball soar into the seats
  2. looking for the peanut vendor
  3. checking the scoreboard
  4. looking at the Goodyear blimp
  5. making sure that the group of birds flying overhead do not leave him a ‘special gift’

Am I off on this?  What do you think that Alan Trammell is doing in this image from his 1984 Donruss baseball card?

Sending Another Mystery Package To Andre Dawson…

Sending Another Mystery Package To Andre Dawson…

It is Thursday morning and I am making a quick stop at the USPS to drop off a mystery package.

Getting an earlier than usual start to my Thursday, I have a special package that I personally want to ship to ensure that it is handled properly and safely as the contents are very important and personal to me.

The intended recipient?

This one is going to Mr. Andre Dawson!!!

Care to know what is inside?  Stay tuned.  As soon as it comes back, I will reveal the contents for all of us to enjoy!!!


Some Pretty Neat Andre Dawson Inspired Christmas Gifts Courtesy Of My Wife & Kids!!!

Some Pretty Neat Andre Dawson Inspired Christmas Gifts Courtesy Of My Wife & Kids!!!

I usually do not ask for a whole lot for Christmas.  And with my birthday just a few weeks before the big holiday, I try to let the Christmas events focus around my two sons.

Still, my wife asks for a list of stuff that I would like, and I oblige her.  My list rarely has any ‘tech’ gifts on it as I am not really that kind of guy.  I usually ask for a few new tools, some new reading material, and of course a few baseball themed gifts.

This year, since my wife is now active on Ebay, I asked for a few things that I have been keeping my eye on that I just kept in my back pocket for future purchases I would make when time and funds allowed.

Well, courtesy of Santa, she and my sons delivered them to me instead.

And I am loving them!!!

Have a look:


You’re looking at four cello wrapped packs of baseball cards that feature Andre Dawson right on top!!!

I’ve always wanted to start a collection of cello and rack packs that featured Andre Dawson baseball cards on top for all of the world to see.  They are not as easy to come across as I would like but that makes them a lot more enjoyable to hunt down.

Here is a closer look at the four packs.

Pack #1 – 1988 Donruss Diamond King


Pack #2 – 1989 Topps


Pack #3 – 1989 Fleer


Pack #4 – 1990 Fleer


Pretty neat, huh?  I am really thankful for these gifts from my family.  This also makes for a nice new collection for me to build of all things Andre.

Thanks for reading!  And a special ‘Thank You’ to my favorite three Applebaums!!

Ozzie Smith’s Hall Of Fame Plaque

Ozzie Smith was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2002.  With 91% of the votes captured on his first ballot, Ozzie was the sole member of the class of 2002.

His career spanned 19 years and 3 decades.  He compiled a lengthy list of amazing baseball accomplishments and earned the right to be classified as one of the game’s great players.

Ozzie was a 15-time All-star, a 13-time Gold Glove winner, and a World Series champion.  And while his offensive numbers may not be staggering, he certainly left a big impact on the game!!!