Some Pretty Neat Andre Dawson Inspired Christmas Gifts Courtesy Of My Wife & Kids!!!

Some Pretty Neat Andre Dawson Inspired Christmas Gifts Courtesy Of My Wife & Kids!!!

I usually do not ask for a whole lot for Christmas.  And with my birthday just a few weeks before the big holiday, I try to let the Christmas events focus around my two sons.

Still, my wife asks for a list of stuff that I would like, and I oblige her.  My list rarely has any ‘tech’ gifts on it as I am not really that kind of guy.  I usually ask for a few new tools, some new reading material, and of course a few baseball themed gifts.

This year, since my wife is now active on Ebay, I asked for a few things that I have been keeping my eye on that I just kept in my back pocket for future purchases I would make when time and funds allowed.

Well, courtesy of Santa, she and my sons delivered them to me instead.

And I am loving them!!!

Have a look:


You’re looking at four cello wrapped packs of baseball cards that feature Andre Dawson right on top!!!

I’ve always wanted to start a collection of cello and rack packs that featured Andre Dawson baseball cards on top for all of the world to see.  They are not as easy to come across as I would like but that makes them a lot more enjoyable to hunt down.

Here is a closer look at the four packs.

Pack #1 – 1988 Donruss Diamond King


Pack #2 – 1989 Topps


Pack #3 – 1989 Fleer


Pack #4 – 1990 Fleer


Pretty neat, huh?  I am really thankful for these gifts from my family.  This also makes for a nice new collection for me to build of all things Andre.

Thanks for reading!  And a special ‘Thank You’ to my favorite three Applebaums!!

11 responses to “Some Pretty Neat Andre Dawson Inspired Christmas Gifts Courtesy Of My Wife & Kids!!!

  1. Very cool. Merry Christmas!


  2. Man I miss the days of cello packs. Good stuff.

  3. Very cool Brian. Think you may have inspired me to start my own Steve Carlton unopened pack collection.

  4. Well I do have a rack pack of 1987 Topps with Carlton on top already, so that is something.

  5. For the Dawson collector who has everything. Gotta get creative. Great idea!

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