Dave Parker 1977 Topps – Donut Time!!!

Dave Parker 1977 Topps – Donut Time!!!

I’ve always liked the 1977 Topps baseball card set.  Not only does it feature the rookie card of my favorite player of all-time, but I have always been a sucker for cards that feature pennant-styled graphics.  That is probably why I like the 1965 Topps so much as well (can’t wait for 2013 Heritage!!).

The newest addition to my Dave Parker player collection is his card from the 1977 Topps set.  Not only does the card’s Yellow and Black team and player name work very well with the colors that Parker is sporting in the photo, but he also has a very visible batting donut on his bat too!!!

Have a look:


To summarize:  I love the 1977 Topps set.  I like all sports cards that feature a pennant in their graphics package.  Any card that shows a player utilizing a batting donut while warming up makes me giddy!!!

A fantastic addition to my Dave Parker collection – YES!


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