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Ken Griffey Jr. 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’ – 1991 Topps Design

Ken Griffey Jr. 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’ – 1991 Topps Design

Ever since the December baseball card show that I attended, I have been wanting to add some more Ken Griffey Jr. cards to my collection.

Griffey’s career took place at the exact same time of the big boom of new brands, new sets, and new money hit the hobby.

The result?  Lots and lots of cards to choose from.

I am going to try to stick to my goal of only collecting ones that I find to be extremely appealing to look at.

Just like this card from the 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’ set.



2001 Topps Archives – 1962 NL Home Run Leaders w/Aaron, Mays, Robinson, Banks, and Cepeda!!!

2001 Topps Archives – 1962 NL Home Run Leaders w/Aaron, Mays, Robinson, Banks, and Cepeda!!!

Jeez, talk about a who’s, who of power hitters from the 1960’s.  This re-printed baseball card from the 2001 Topps Archives set celebrates the National League’s home run leaders from the 1962 design.

The card features 5 Hall of Famers, and 4 members of the ‘500 Home Runs Club’.


Now, let’s dig into the numbers.

Here is the leaderboard:
Willie Mays – 49
Hank Aaron – 45
Frank Robinson – 39
Ernie Banks – 37
Orlando Cepeda – 35

Not too shabby!!

The funny thing is that I have to now decide where to store this card.  And since I collect, and organize, my cards at the player level, I have three choices – Aaron, Banks, or Robinson…

Quite the pickle that I am in, huh??

I think that I am going to have to go with Aaron.  He is a focus of mine right now, and it is fitting to have a Home Run commemorative card going into his collection.  Sorry Ernie.  Sorry Frank.

Mike Schmidt 1981 Topps Record Breaker

Mike Schmidt 1981 Topps Record Breaker

I love cards like these – they encapsulate a specific moment is baseball history that is worth paying attention to.

Topps has always done a fantastic job of commemorating some of the great moments from the prior season with their ‘Record Breakers’ subset, and their cards in the 1981 set are no exception.

Have a look:

This card celebrates Mike Schmidt hitting more home runs in a single season than any other third baseman before him.  During his MVP year of 1980, Schmidt connected for 48 round-trippers!

Atta Boy Schmidt-y!!!

Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax!!!

Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax!!!

Today, Sandy Koufax turns 78 years old.

Koufax’s name is often mentioned in the same breath when people speak of the greatest pitchers of all-time.  Truth be told, during his 12-year career with the Brooklyn and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Koufax did not shine until the last 6 seasons he played.  But boy did he shine…  From 1961 to 1966, Koufax won 3 Cy Young awards and finished in 2nd place 1 time.  He also won an MVP award and finished 2nd twice for that honor.  It can be easily argued that Sandy Koufax was elected into baseball’s Hall Of Fame for this short, but incredible 6-year span.

So what do you get a guy that has so many accolades to his credit?  Sandy Koufax retired at the age of 31.  In today’s game there are players that have yet to hit their prime by 31…  I would love to see what Sandy could have done with 5 more seasons.  So that is my gift, 5 more healthy seasons as a pitcher for the Dodgers.

Happy Birthday Mr. Koufax!!!


2010 Baseball Hall Of Fame Program ‘Memories And Dreams’ With Andre Dawson, Whitey Herzog, and Doug Harvey

2010 Baseball Hall Of Fame Program ‘Memories And Dreams’ With Andre Dawson, Whitey Herzog, and Doug Harvey

With the exception of a few baseball books that I may call attention to at a later date, this is the final baseball-themed Christmas gift that I will be showing off on the blog.

This time around, I kind of fed the idea to my wife through Ebay’s “EMail to a friend” system.  I had seen that a seller had listed these for a very affordable price, and I had been waiting for one to present itself affordably.

Well, she took the bait (and the idea) and I am now the proud owner of the program that was sold at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony of Andre Dawson, Whitey Herzog, and Doug Harvey.

Have a look:


This piece accompanies my 2010 Hall of Fame yearbook very well, and now there is just one commemorative program from that event that I am missing for my collection.  Hopefully, in time, I too can bring that home for a price that works for me.

You know what comes next, right?

Of course, you do!  Just a matter of time before I send this off to Mr. Dawson with the hopes if adding his autograph.

Thanks for reading.