LOOKING BACK: ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ 2012 Collecting Goals

LOOKING BACK:  ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ 2012 Collecting Goals

As 2012 wraps up,  thought it would be fun to look back at my original 2012 collecting goals and see how I fared in conquering them over the last 12 months.

I will keep the original post from January 1st of 2012 in tact, and add my comments in Red.

Here we go:

1)  Andre Dawson collection.  Very simple here, I want to hit 1,000 unique Andre Dawson cards by the end of the year.  I am at 938 as of today, so I have some ground to cover.  But if Dawson is inserted in as many sets in 2012 as he was in 2011, this should be easily attainable.

This was not a problem at all, I crushed 1,000 and ended up closer to 1,100.  I am finding it harder and harder to find older cards of Dawson to collect.  Thankfully, I can turn to modern releases and low serial numbered cards as a source for ‘new’.

2)  Fergie Jenkins collection – I want to get to 284 unique cards this year.  Why 284?  Well, that is the number of wins that Fergie collected during his Hall of Fame career.  We both strive for 300 – something tells me that with the way that I collect, I will probably reach 300.  I am at 197 right now so expect to see a lot of Fergie Jenkins posts in the year ahead!!

I didn’t quite make it to this goal.  As a matter of fact, I am roughly 30 cards behind where wanted to be  Fergie is not in enough new releases to make a big impact on my totals.  Gotta try harder in 2013!

3)  Florida Marlins Team Sets.  Time to pay homage to the Marlins and their tenure as a team in major league baseball.  My goal is to collect every Topps team set that have been issued of the Marlins since their inception in 1993.  Sticking to Topps-only may be difficult, but I really look forward to taking this trip down memory lane with the team.

This was a lot of fun, and I am very pleased with how this has worked out so far.  Even though the players in the team sets seem to change annually, I like what I have been able to do by preserving the team’s history.  I have expanded my goal to go after all brands and not remain Topps-specific.  This has allowed me the ability to enjoy a larger variety of brands, many of which I missed during my collecting hiatus of 15 years.  To date, I have 48 Marlins team sets in my collection, from 1993-2012.

4)  Signed baseball collection.  My collection of signed balls exploded in 2011 – I sit comfortably with close to 70 signed balls on my desk.  From here, I would like to get to 82.  If I can add a ball a month to my collection I would be thrilled.  I already have a lot in the works, close to 1/2 dozen as we speak, so reaching that goal should be a breeze!!

No sweat.  I have more than 90 signed balls in my collection.  And they look great!!!

5)  New Super-Collection Coming. I am not ready to unveil the player just yet, but that announcement should come in a couple of weeks.  But if you know anything about me and my collecting style, I know only one way to collect – FULL THROTTLE!!!  Stay tuned for that announcement later this month.

My new ‘Super Collection’ was Jim Palmer.  And it has been a blast collecting his cards.  I have just under 200 unique cards of Palmer, and have added a few certified autographs and a lot of relic cards in the past year.  I am very pleased with my decision to build a large collection to honor Palmer’s career.

6) 1968 Topps Game Set.  Taking a break from building subsets that excited me as a kid, I am going to go ‘old-school’ and try to put this 33-card set together in 2012.  The checklist is a bit ominous, but I am really looking forward to this challenge!

I knocked this set out much easier than what I expected.  And for a little less than what I expected it would cost me as well.  The set is gorgeous, and is one of the many ‘gems’ in my collection.

7)  Vintage.  As always, I will be on the look out for cards of the players that helped build the history of our great sport.  In 2011, I was able to add cards of Willie Mays and Hank Aaron to my collection, and not the re-print kind.  We’re talking old cardboard here – and I love it.  I would be thrilled to find a few more gems during the year.  Hopefully I am able to come across a few new treats for my collection.

I kind of skirted around this a bit this year.  Yes, I added soe vintage cards to my collection.  But, I do wish that I was able to do more.  I am a little leery of buying ‘old’ cards on the web since the images can be misleading.  And at the monthly cards shows that I attend, the vintage dealers are pretty firm on their pricing.  The end result of that is that I did not add as much to my collection as I hoped I would…


And there you have it: my original collecting goals for the 2012 collecting year and how I fared with each one.

I think that I did fairly well in 2012, and I am very happy with how my collection looks today.

What about you?  How did you do with the collecting goals that you had set in place for 2012?  Success or Failure, I would love to hear about it!!

Thanks for reading.



4 responses to “LOOKING BACK: ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ 2012 Collecting Goals

  1. Nicely done Brian! Your autograph baseball collection is pretty sweet!! Can’t wait to see who your next player collection will be!!

  2. Nice job Brian! Happy New Year!

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