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Lot Of 3 Jim Palmer 2005 Donruss Studio Portraits – SWEET!!!!

Lot Of 3 Jim Palmer 2005 Donruss Studio Portraits – SWEET!!!!

2013 will be a good year for my Jim Palmer player collection.  I have put some renewed energy into adding some bulk to the set of cards I am building to honor Palmer’s career.

And my first purchase to help that effort is now home.

I bought three cards of Palmer from CheckOutMyCards.com the other day and they are now home with me. 

The cards are all part of the same set – 2005 Donruss Studio Portraits.  I have a bunch of these cards that feature Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins, so I thought it was time to go after Palmer too.

The cards all feature the same photo on the front with different colored borders.  Here are the fronts:

The backs of the cards is where the big differences are.  As you can see in the scan below, they each feature a name from another modern Donruss set.  and they are all serial numbered as well.

Here are the backs:

And the details:
Leaf Certified Materials – 7/20
Leather & Lumber – 3/35
Zenith – 26/45

Pretty nice start to my 2013 collecting of my favorite Oriole of all-time!!


1999 Skybox Premium Florida Marlins Team Set

1999 Skybox Premium Florida Marlins Team Set

I am really digging these Skybox sets from 1999.  This is the second one that I have picked up, with the first being the Skybox Thunder team set, and they both look great.

The cards feature a full-size photo with no border.  And the font that Skybox chose for the player name is really, really classy!

Have a look at the set.


The Teal of the Marlins’ uniforms really stands out on these cards.  And the Gold accents employed with the Skybox logo and player name look great.

My only complaint about the set – Just six cards.

George Foster PermaGraphics Credit Card / Baseball Card

George Foster PermaGraphics Credit Card / Baseball Card

I haven’t added any cards of George Foster to my player collection since completing it a few months ago. 

I was waiting for a modern card to appear that intrigued me.

And I wanted something unique as well.

Well, I think that I accomplished both goals!  Kind of…

Have a look:


This is a PermaGraphics card of Foster that was issued sometime in the early 1980’s.  There is no copyright date on the back, but knowing the brand, I am guessing that this was issued right around 1980-81.

I like the vintage photo of Foster that they chose.  And while not traditional, I like the look of the Reds logo too.

Not modern, but very unique!!   Mission accomplished!!

Mike Schmidt 1986 Donruss Baseball Card

Mike Schmidt 1986 Donruss Baseball Card

I am not a big fan of the 1986 Donruss baseball card design.  Actually, I find it to be one of the more annoying designs from the 1980’s.

But, I do find this card of Mike Schmidt to be pretty interesting to look at.

Have a peek:

While collecting cards of Schmidt for my player collection, many of the cards that feature him batting show him either before his swing or at some stage of the follow-through.  This one also shows him in the milliseconds after making contact with a pitch, but the part of the backswing that has been captured is not a standard one.

You get to see him in the middle of his follow-through.  You get to see him keeping his eye on the ball and his head raising as he watches the trajectory of the ball that he has lifted into the air.

This is a very nice card.

Way to go Donruss!!

Hall Of Fame Debate: Barry Larkin VS Alan Trammell

Hall Of Fame Debate: Barry Larkin VS Alan Trammell

Some of my favorite baseball conversations focus around the ‘Pick The Best…’ kinds of conversations.

You know the conversations I am talking about – Pick the best Yankees of all-time by position, choose the best team of the 1980s, build a roster using players from just one decade…

In a recent conversation about the best players from the 1980’s, the position of shortstop was one of the easiest decisions to make – you have Ozzie Smith and Cal Ripken leading the way.  Those two guys were consensus selections.  But after that, there is a significant drop-off as it relates to popularity and achievemengts earned among shortstops from that same time period.

Of the rest, we came to a consensus that Alan Trammell and Barry Larkin were the second best shortstops from their respective leagues during the 80’s.  Sure, Larkin played just a few years in the decade, while Trammell played all ten seasons, but time spent in the 1980’s was not part of the selection criteria.

Well, that got me to thinking – What is the difference between Alan Trammell and Barry Larkin?  Why is one in the Hall of Fame, and not the other?  What makes Barry Larkin stand out with the BWAA voters that works against Alan Trammell?

My friends, it is time to dig deeper…  Much deeper.

Both players are exactly the same height – 6 feet tall.  Larkin was twenty pounds heavier than Trammell during his playing days, which should have resulted in more power, but he only has 13 more homers than Trammell.  They both played for historic franchises and each helped lead their team to a memorable World Series title.

When you review their individual numbers on BaseballReference.com, Trammell ranks as the 62nd best offensive player of all-time, with Larkin landing in the 75th spot.

With what has been stated above, no one guy really outdistances the other in any aspect.

So, let’s look into their numbers now:

  Trammell Larkin
Seasons 20 19
Games Played 2293 2180
Hits 2365 2340
150-Hit Seasons 6 7
Doubles 412 441
Home Runs 185 198
RBI 1003 960
100-RBI Seasons 1 0
Runs Scored 1231 1329
Stolen Bases 236 379
All-Star 6 12
Gold Glove 4 3
Silver Slugger 3 9
MVP 0 1
Playoffs 2 2
World Series 1 1
WS MVP 1 0

Ok, there are two things that really  stand out to me: stolen bases and All-Star game selections.  We all know that 140 more steals by Larkin is not what earned him entry into the Hall of Fame, though it is impressive for a guy that was never tagged as a ‘burner’.  And it is hardly Trammell’s fault that he played at the same time as Mr. All-Star, Cal Ripken.

So, what is it?  Am I missing something?  Anything?  Why so much love for Barry Larkin and yet such little respect for a player that is almost identical in Alan Trammell? 

Let me say that I like Barry Larkin; hell, I cheered for him during a majority of his career.  I do believe that he is worthy of his Hall of Fame enshrinement, but I just think that he should be resting at Cooperstown with Alan Trammell at his side.

What do you think?  Does one player belong and not the other?  Did the baseball writers get it right by electing Larking or wrong by omitting Trammell?  Should they both be in, or should they both be out??

Let me hear your opinion!!

As for me, I am giving both of them the ‘nod’.  Even if it is just in my Hall of Fame world…