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George Brett 2006 Topps Rookie Of The Week

George Brett 2006 Topps Rookie Of The Week

I would love to add a George Brett rookie card to my collection.  That card is arguably the best card from the 1975 Topps set.

Until I make going after that card a major focus for myself, I will settle for a reprint of the card.

This one comes from the 2006 Topps subset tagged as ‘Rookie Of The Week’.  The design is the same as the 1975 Topps set, but the image is new.  And not nearly as nice…

Have a look:


If you’re going to give me a reprint of a player’s rookie card, please give me the full she-bang!  This one is not really working for me…  Was the photographer laying on the ground to capture this shot??

Rollie Fingers 2002 Topps Tribute – 1972, 1st World Series Appearance

Rollie Fingers 2002 Topps Tribute – 1972, 1st World Series Appearance

I like commemorative baseball cards, and this one is a unique one.  The card pays homage to Rollie Fingers’ first appearance in the World Series in 1972.

Of course, this got me to do a little research because I wanted to see what Rollie did in the 1972 World Series to deserve a card honoring that event.

First, let me show you the front of the card:


And now, onto the notes about the 1972 World Series:

Against the Reds, Rollie appeared in 6 of the 7 games played.  He compiled a 1-1 record with two saves.  In 10.1 innings of work, Rollie amassed an ERA of 1.74 while striking out 11 of the 39 batters he faced.

I would say that his debut in his first World Series is card-worthy!!  Atta Boy Rollie!!

Derek Jeter 2012 Topps ‘Golden Moments’ – Jeter Turns Back Clock’

Derek Jeter 2012 Topps ‘Golden Moments’ – Jeter Turns Back Clock’

I am not certain of the exact release date of this card.  I know that it is from the Series Two release of the 2012 Topps set, so I know that it was issued sometime later in the baseball season.

What is interesting is that the card commemorates an event that took place on 4/23/2012.  So, that means that Topps had enough time to get the card’s text done and added to their set and prepare for print prior to its release to the public.

Here is the front of the card:


And here is the text from the back:

‘Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Derek was playing like he was 25 years old again after watching his captain smack four hits to stretch his hitting streak to 13 consecutive games.  Jeter’s 4-for-5 performance against the Rangers in Texas included a double and two runs scored, raised his average to .411 and propelled the Yankees to a 7-4 victory.

Eric Davis 1989 Bowman

Eric Davis 1989 Bowman

Here is a typical looking card from the 1989 Bowman issue:

Another posed portrait.

Another baseball player looking off into the distance.

Another baseball player deep in thought.

Who would have predicted this??  🙂

Fergie Jenkins 2010 Panini Century Collection Souvenir Stamps w/Game-Used Jersey Relic

Fergie Jenkins 2010 Panini Century Collection Souvenir Stamps w/Game-Used Jersey Relic

I have always been intrigued by these Panini cards with ‘the stamps’.  I am not a big fan of the relic or autographed cards from the 2010 Panini Century Collection set, but this design is a bit different.  And a bit more unique…

Have a look:

Jenkins GU Stamps

First off, the color of the card’s design elements are a lot more inviting than some of the other Panini cards that have been recently released.

But, it was the stamp that made me ‘Buy’ this one.

And after closer examination, I am still wondering what the significance of it is.  The wording on the stamp states, ‘1869-1969, United States, 6 cents, Professional Baseball’.  I am still struggling to find out if the stamp is linked to Fergie of if it is generic…  And I am not coming up with nothing…

On a related note, the card is serial numbered as 31/33.  And 31 was Fergie’s jersey number, so that is kind of cool!!