Alan Trammell 1981 Donruss

Alan Trammell 1981 Donruss

By the time that the 1981 baseball season rolled around, Alan Trammell had solidified himself an anchor of the Tigers’ infield.  And his offense was impressive too!

In 105 games played, Trammell was the American League’s leader in sacrifice hits with 16.  And while that may not sound impressive or like it is a grand number, the sacrifice in baseball is an essential part of the game.

There may be no more unselfish of a play in the game than the sacrifice, and that is also a mark of a team player with a high baseball intelligence too!!

Atta Boy Tram!!


2 responses to “Alan Trammell 1981 Donruss

  1. One of the ugliest sets of all-time. Actually, most Donruss from the ’80s was pretty bad.

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