Happy Birthday Willie McCovey!!!

Happy Birthday Willie McCovey!!!

Willie McCovey turns 74 years old today.

On of the sport’s greatest sluggers, ‘Stretch’ was a fan favorite during the span of his amazing 22-year career.  And in San Francisco, where he spent 19 seasons, McCovey was loved.

A Rookie of the Year, an MVP, and a Hall of Famer, there is very little that Willie McCovey did not accomplish as a major league baseball player.

So, to celebrate him and his 73rd birthday, I will dedicate a days worth of posts to honor the baseball legend.

Stay tuned all day to ’30-YOC’.  It will be fun!!

Happy Birthday ‘Stretch’!!!

4 responses to “Happy Birthday Willie McCovey!!!

  1. Looking forward to today’s series on McCovey. Fantastic shot above! Was that taken from a card?

  2. I was just thinking of McCovey yesterday (had no idea it was hi sbirthday). I recalled multiple stars from the era saying McCovey was the most feared batter they faced.

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