Willie McCovey Is A 6-Time All-Star

Willie McCovey Is A 6-Time All-Star

I’m amazed at how few times some of the game’s brightest stars made the All-Star team back during the 1960’s.  I need to do a little research to see how the All-Stars were chosen back then…

McCovey made the squad six times.  Six times in a 9-year span to be exact.  And while six All-Star appearances is nothing to shake a stick at, it is far from spectacular.  But then you have to think about all of the guys that ‘Stretch’ was competing with for a spot on the NL squad.  There was Ernie Banks and Orlando Cepeda and Richie Allen – all incredible players.  And back then the teams only carried one reserve at first base so space was extremely limited…

Nonetheless, McCovey found himself in great company on those very talented rosters.  And while he probably did not make as many teams as he should have, he certainly was one of the best from his era!

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