We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to make this quick announcement:

“This is the 8,000th post published on ’30-Year Old Cardboard”.

Your program will now be joined in progress.

Have a nice day!



11 responses to “8,000!!!

  1. Holy. Crap. !!! That is all.

  2. Congrats.

    I’m just approaching 800. I guess I’m a tenth of the man that you are.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Great Job. Your prolific posting is impressive and inspiring.

  4. Congrats , To think I watched a Youtuber video whom you traded with ( he talked of your site) and It opened a new world to me and my son. Much Thanks and keep going strong.

    • Itondequoit36- thank you for the kind words. I am very happy to hear that you and your son enjoy ’30-YOC’.

      I am even more happy to hear that you and your son are sharing the love for the sport and hobby with each other! Keep it going!!

  5. In Guinness Book yet? Congrats!

  6. How many post do you usually average a week?

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