Alan Trammell 1989 Upper Deck

Alan Trammell 1989 Upper Deck

Upper Deck wowed us in 1989.  With their foil packaging and color photos on the back of the card, the brand was ground-breaking, and it changed baseball card production for years to come.

Upper Deck used a sturdy card stock with a super high-gloss finish to produce one of the most collected sets of all-time.

And while they are noted for their supremacy when it comes to design, style, and packaging, they did not always offer the best images.

Case in point, Alan Trammell’s card from the 1989 set.

See below:

Far from horrendous, but far from awesome as well, this photo of Trammell captures nothing special to look at it.  It is also badly cropped, not very well lit…

You can’t win them all.


2 responses to “Alan Trammell 1989 Upper Deck

  1. You’re right, Upper Deck did wow us in 1989. Frankly, 1989 UD is still wowing me 24 years later (whoa, that’s a long time ago).

    Trammell’s card makes your point with illustrative style. Not much to add, other than, “why did they choose that image out of the image library?!”

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