SIGNING RESULTS: Hall Of Famer, Dennis Eckersley!!!

SIGNING RESULTS:  Hall Of Famer, Dennis Eckersley!!!

I have wanted a Dennis Eckersley signed baseball in my collection for a very long time.  I consider ‘Eck’ to be one of the best pitchers from my generation, and he is one of the most decorated as well.  I really got into baseball, and learning about the game right when Eckersley and his Oakland Athletic teammates started to dominate the sport in the late 1980’s.  That team had all of the tools, and ‘Eck’ was the guy to come in and slam the door on the opposition.  He did that marvelously, and almost flawlessly too!!!

Eckersley’s autograph is pretty unique.  I cannot tell you that I would recognize it if I did not know that it is his, but since I know what his signature looks like, it is has become very recognizable to me.

Have a look at the newest signed baseball in my collection:


Looks great, right??  Gotta love the ‘HOF’ inscription!!

One of the more prominent members from an autograph website that I frequent was hosting a private signing with Eckersley and the price was perfect!  So, I jumped in and I am very glad that I did.  Not only was the execution of the signing flawless, but I now have another Hall Of Fame signed baseball in my collection.



2 responses to “SIGNING RESULTS: Hall Of Famer, Dennis Eckersley!!!

  1. That’s really really nice. I have a bat and jersey signed by Eck now I need a ball!

    • McGee-Fan51, I am really happy with how it turned out. I have to imagined that his auto on a bat would look pretty fantastic too. What kind of bat/pen combo did you get of him? I love a Blue auto on a Blond grain bat personally.

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