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Brooks Robinson 2012 Topps Archives – Gold Stamped Reprint!

Brooks Robinson 2012 Topps Archives – Gold Stamped Reprint!

Man, oh Man, what a beautiful looking baseball card. 

I want to thank Topps for issuing this card as a part of their 2012 Topps Archives release.

I have never seen it prior, and I have so happy to have come across it.


Thanks again Topps, an instant classic for my collection.

If now I could only grab the original!!!

Rollie Fingers 1981 Donruss

Rollie Fingers 1981 Donruss

What is normally one of the more dull sets of issued in the 1980’s, I am loving this card of Rollie Fingers from the 1981 Donruss set.

First, you have the backdrop of a day game at Wrigley Field happening – that tarp on the center field bleachers is unmistakable!

And then you have those sweet, old San Diego Padres uniforms.  From the Brown and Yellow combo to the vintage ‘SD’ logo ballcaps…

Lastly, you have Rollie wearing a batting glove on his non-throwing hand.  You never see this anymore, but as a Little Leaguer, I did this!  And I thought I was so cool for doing it.  Just like Rollie Fingers!!


Did You Know…

In the history of the National Baseball Hall Of Fame, only two second baseman have been elected on the first ballot.  Jackie Robinson was elected on his first ballot in 1960, and Joe Morgan was elected in 1990.

jackie robinson

joe morgan

Happy Birthday Albert Pujols!!!

Happy Birthday Albert Pujols!!!

Albert Pujols turns 33 years old today.

Arguably the best player in baseball this century, Pujols has amassed some incredible numbers prior to his 32nd birthday. Already a 3-time MVP winner and 2-time World Series champion, Pujols is quickly racking up statistics that mirror or surpass some of baseball’s greatest players. With a career batting average of .325, and with 2,246 hits in just 12 seasons, the sky is the limit for this talented hitter. And don’t forget about the 475 home runs and 1,434 RBI Albert has already accumulated too.

We may be looking at the new Home Run King!!!

Happy Birthday to ‘The Machine’.

And Finally, Here Are The Checklists For The 1999 Topps Nolan Ryan And 2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative Sets…

And Finally, Here Are The Checklists For The 1999 Topps Nolan Ryan And 2000 Topps Hank Aaron Commemorative Sets…

Two of my 2013 collecting goals was to go after, and complete, the 1999 and 2000 Topps Nolan Ryan and Hank Aaron commemorative sets.

I have been enamored with these sets for some time, and I look forward to the challenge that lies ahead of me. 

I have a slight head-start on both of these projects as I already own a few of the cards on the checklist.  I found them in bargain bins at past baseball card shows, and to be honest, those purchases inspired me to go after both sets.

So, here are both checklists that I will be working with:

Nolan Ryan 1999 Topps Commemorative Set
Card # Design Have it?
1 1968 Topps  
2 1969 Topps  
3 1970 Topps  
4 1971 Topps  
5 1972 Topps  
6 1973 Topps  
7 1974 Topps  
8 1975 Topps  
9 1976 Topps  
10 1977 Topps  
11 1978 Topps  
12 1979 Topps  
13 1980 Topps  
14 1981 Topps y
15 1982 Topps y
16 1983 Topps y
17 1984 Topps y
18 1985 Topps y
19 1986 Topps  
20 1987 Topps y
21 1988 Topps  
22 1989 Topps  
23 1990 Topps y
24 1991 Topps y
25 1992 Topps  
26 1993 Topps  
27 1994 Topps  


Hak Aaron 2000 Topps Commemorative Set
Card # Design Have it?
1 1954 Topps  
2 1955 Topps  
3 1956 Topps  
4 1957 Topps  
5 1958 Topps  
6 1959 Topps  
7 1960 Topps  
8 1961 Topps  
9 1962 Topps  
10 1963 Topps  
11 1964 Topps  
12 1965 Topps  
13 1966 Topps  
14 1967 Topps y
15 1968 Topps  
16 1969 Topps  
17 1970 Topps  
18 1971 Topps  
19 1972 Topps  
20 1973 Topps  
21 1974 Topps  
22 1975 Topps  
23 1976 Topps  


And now with the checklists built and the cards that I own logged it, it is time to Shop, Shop, Shop!!

Let’s do this!!


shopping carts