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Jim Palmer 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Team Colors’

Jim Palmer 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Team Colors’

This baseball card of Jim Palmer from the 2005 Donruss Classics ‘Team Colors’ set screams cool.

And 99% of that ‘cool’ can be attributed to that vintage Orioles logo that is featured both in color and in a Black and Grey.  And when coupled with a super photo of the superstar, bold Orange accents, and some Silver script, you have one heck of a nice looking card.

And the fact that this bad boy is serial numbered as 605/800 does not hurt the cause either…

Have a look:

palmer team colors

Tom Seaver 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

Tom Seaver 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen – Base

With everything that happened last week with the Hall of Fame announcement that no players are going to be in the 2013 class, I have been spending a lot of time reviewing prior year voting.

It is really amazing how things have transpired over the last week.  And while I am still not certain if the writers made a huge statement or a huge error, or both, I still feel uneasy about how much power the BWAA has.

But, they did get it right before.  And they will get it right again.  It may just take some time…

In 1992, Seaver received 425 of the 430 votes cast for Hall of Fame election.  His 98.8% vote percentage is the highest of any player in the history of the sport.


Mike Schmidt 1990 Upper Deck ‘Mike Schmidt Retires’

Mike Schmidt 1990 Upper Deck ‘Mike Schmidt Retires’

You know me.  I am a guy that loves the commemorative baseball card.

And I cannot think of a better looking career commemorative card than this one that celebrates the career of Michael Jack Schmidt.

The card comes from the 1990 Upper Deck set.

Have a look:

This card makes a great addition to the collection of cards that I am working on that honors Schmidt’s career.

I only wish that Upper Deck issued more of these kinds of cards.  Like of Andre Dawson, Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson, to name a few…

Happy Birthday Don Zimmer!!!

Happy Birthday Don Zimmer!!!

Don Zimmer turns 82 years old today.

‘Zim’ enjoyed a 12-season major league baseball career. And in those 12 years he played for 6 teams, all of them legendary – Brooklyn Dodgers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, and the Washington Senators. And while nobody would count Zimmer as one of the game’s greats with his career .235 batting average, he was a key contributor for these teams – even making the All-star team as a member of the 1961 Cubs!!

Zimmer is better known as a baseball manager. And while most people’s memories go straight to some of his highly publicized happenings while coaching the Yankees, my memories of ‘Zim’ are firmly planted in the home team’s dugout at Wrigley Field!! Zimmer was managing the team the year(1989) that my family moved to Chicago from Florida. Never having a ‘home’ team before, I was quickly swept up into ‘Cubbie-Fever’. And now, more than 20 years later I still have vivid memories of ‘Zim’ and his division winning team having one heck of an enjoyable season.

‘Zim’ was smiles every step of the way!! Happy Birthday Coach Zimmer!!!

Finally, The 2013 Topps, Series 1 Checklist Is Published!! Read It Here!

Finally, The 2013 Topps, Series 1 Checklist Is Published!!  Read It Here!

I have been searching and searching for this since the last week of January.  And while I was able to find parts of the checklist, it was not until today that I was able to review the whole thing.

So, if you too are interested in what the 2013 Topps set may bring, you can view the whole checklist at ‘The Cardboard Connection’.

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for the 30th!!!


2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Subset – Card #MD-5 – Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics

2012 Topps ‘Mound Dominance’ Subset – Card #MD-5 – Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics

I really like the ‘Mound Dominance’ subset that Topps included in their 2012 base set.  The cards are sharp, the graphics are solid, and I am a sucker for cards that pay homage to a historic baseball event.

The ‘Mound Dominance’ set recalls 15 amazing pitching performances in major league history.

This is card#5 – Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics


The dominant day – October 28, 1989.  This baseball card celebrates Dennis Eckerlsey’s dominant performance in Game 4 of the 1989 World Series.  The game was the clinching game for the championship and it only took four pitches from ‘Eck’ to seal the win and the championship for the Oakland Athletics.  He recorded an out via bunt, a flyball out, and an infield ground-out.

Progress – 5/15