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Fergie Jenkins 2012 Panini Cooperstown

Fergie Jenkins 2012 Panini Cooperstown

I made a decision last week to go after a few more cards from the 2012 Panini Cooperstown release.  With the nine packs that I got for Christmas last month, I was very intrigued by the set and wanted to see more of the cards ‘in person’.

Instead of going the route of packs, I opted for buying singles.  And I did that on www.sportlots.com – and paid just eighteen cents per card!!

I started with the Fergie Jenkins card as I needed it for my PC.  I then went after other guys that I actively collect with the goal of adding them to my other player collections.

Well, the shipment arrived last night and I am thrilled to show off the card of Fergie first!!

Have a look:


The card looks great, and I am really starting to like the ’19 and ’91’ banners that flank the upper corners.

And while most of the cards from this set have photos that cover up a player’s hat to hide the logo, this one features a more unobstructed view of Fergie on the pitching mound.

A great addition to my collection!!!

2007 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

2007 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

Amazingly, after collecting close to 50 Marlins team sets, this is my first set from 2007 for my collection.

It’s not that I have not tried to bring one in from 2007 before, but for some reason that year has just eluded me.

The ’07 roster was stacked with talent – both on offense and on the pitching mound.

Fleer did a nice job of putting this team set together for their 2007 release, but these are some noticeable omissions…

Here is the set:

2007 FLEER A

2007 FLEER B

I really like the look of these cards.  The images are large and sharp.  I really like the lower-left corner team graphics.  And for many of the cards, they feature great in-game action photos!!

I wonder why Miguel Cabrera had two cards in the set? Especially when there are a few more Marlins that probably should have been included…

Harmon Killebrew 2006 Topps Rookie Of The Week

Harmon Killebrew 2006 Topps Rookie Of The Week

Harmon Killebrew was one of the most deadly offensive players from his era.  Widely respected amongst his teammates and peers, Killebrew was a master of hitting the long ball and driving in runs.

He was quiet in demeanor.  And he played his career in a relatively small baseball market.  But there is no mistaking that Killebrew belongs in the talk of greatest sluggers from his era.

He amassed 573 home runs during his playing days while driving in 1,584 runs.  He hit 40 or more home runs in eight different seasons and 30-39 in two more times.  He collected 100 or more RBI in 9 seasons.  In total, Killebrew racked up 8 seasons of 30/100.

This card of Harmon Killebrew from the 2006 Topps Rookie Of The Week set does a nice job of paying homage to the player. 

I am happy to call it mine!!


Eric Davis 1988 Donruss Bonus Card MVP

Eric Davis 1988 Donruss Bonus Card MVP

With their 1988 set, Donruss started issuing a ‘Bonus Card’ set of team MVPs.  Each team got a card, and more than likely that card went to the best player on the team.  The tradition of the set lasted for a few years, and it allowed for the team’s best players to be represented at least one additional time if chose as a MVP by Donruss.

If memory serves correctly, these cards were found in regular wax packs, and while very nice additions to the base set, they were not treated as limited edition or rare cards.

As a player collector, this set was fantastic.  In the years that the ‘Bonus Card’ set ran, it allowed for me to have a few more cards of my favorite guys.  Donruss did a great job of giving the ‘right’ guys the title of MVP, and I was thrilled to have one more card to collect for my PC’s.

Here is the card of Eric Davis from the 1988 Donruss MVP subset.

Davis was a great choice to represent the Reds with this set debut in ’88.

Want To Own A Chicago White Sox 2005 World Series Championship Ring???

Want To Own A Chicago White Sox 2005 World Series Championship Ring???

By David Brown, Big League Stew, Yahoo Sports

She’s a beaut, ain’t she? All right, who did it? Which one of the Chicago White Sox put a 2005 World Series ring for sale on eBay? So far, 14 offers have been on the 14k gold, 95-diamond work of art, but the seller is asking $24,999.99. In addition to the market value, there’s a lot of sentimental value (for some more than others, apparently) too. It represents Chicago’s only World Series championship since 1917.

So, just who IS the seller (beyond the third party who appears to be fronting on the auction web site)? Some clues were left in the ring’s description:

2005 Chicago White Sox World Series ring, 14k Gold, 43.8 Grams, Size 12, all real diamonds, Jostens Manufactured, staff members ring. Comes with letter of authenticity from original recipient who was a multi time world series participant as a player, Legend of the game. Guaranteed authentic, ultra rare. A Version ring, same exact ring players received! Please see pictures for details, original recipients name covered to protect privacy.

Lots of good clues, actually. Deadspin has been speculating as to who the seller is, and commenters have chimed in with guesses such as Jermaine Dye, Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez, Jose Contreras, even A.J. Pierzynski. It’s not A.J., even though slashing tires and burning bridges on his way to the Texas Rangers isn’t completely out of the realm with him, given that he likes to turn heel like a pro wrestler. And Dye (the MVP of the ’05 Series) probably isn’t down to his last few dollars, even though it’s been a couple of years since he played.

The ring itself also holds more clues.


There’s a conspicuous “PD”on one side of the ring, under the Major League Baseball logo and the team’s won-loss record, 99-63, from the regular season. A player’s number probably would be in its place if the ring belonged to someone on the 40-man roster. But PD — what does it mean? Public Domain? Police Department? Pinch(-hit) double? Punt Downed? Paul Donerko?

How about Player Development? Yeah, that seems right.

Some have speculated that the ring’s owner is a coach — such as Tim Raines, Harold Baines or even manager Ozzie Guillen — but it stands to reason that one of them would get their uniform number on the ring, too. So it would say 30, or 3, or 11 and not “PD.” Whoever the seller is, the ring must have belonged to one of the 432 persons the Sox gave rings to in 2006. They went to “staff and employees, as well as former players and family members of past team owners,” writes the Chicago Sun-Times.

And remember the description: “staff member. … multi World series participant as a player, Legend of the game. … same exact ring players received.”

All of this kind of describes someone like Moose Skowron or even Luis Aparicio. Moose died in April and maybe this is part of his estate sale. Moose wasn’t a Hall of Famer, but he certainly was a legend. Moose also won five World Series with the Yankees. His hand in the ’05 White Sox championship was much more symbolic than anything.

Little Looie went to the ’59 Series with the Sox (and lost), but won in ’66 with the Baltimore Orioles. He could conceivably spare an ’05 ring, too.

Hall Of Fame Debate: PICK ONE: Harold Baines OR Edgar Martinez

Hall Of Fame Debate: PICK ONE: Harold Baines OR Edgar Martinez

When the Hall of Fame made the announcement that their would be no modern players inducted into Cooperstown in 2013, I was not completely shocked.  I had read enough to understand that the BWAA voters were not all on the same page and that they were still split on whether players linked to PEDs should be in our out of the Hall of Fame. 

For me, the most alarming aspect of the vote was that certain players that I felt would easily get more votes than they did in prior years simply did not.  From Tim Raines to Lee Smith to Alan Trammell, I thought that these ‘clean’ guys would benefit from the votes not given to the more prolific and stat-packed players.

But, that did not happen.

Two of the guys that I thought would get big bumps in voting were Edgar Martinez and Harold Baines.  Both guys are supremely respected players, and are considered to be among the greatest designated hitters of all-time.

So, for this week’s debate, I thought I would put the two of them in a head-to-head battle for your vote.

I’m not saying that both deserve election.  And I am not saying that neither of them do.  What I am saying is, if you have to choose only one, which player’s resume stands out the most to you?  Who would you vote into the Hall of Fame if you had to choose between Harold Baines and Edgar Martinez??

First, let’s look at their numbers:

  Baines Martinez
Seasons 22 18
Games Played 2830 2,055
Hits 2,866 2,247
Doubles 488 514
Home Runs 384 309
Total Bases 4,604 3,718
RBI 1,628 1,261
Runs Scored 1,299 1,219
Batting Average 0.289 0.312
Batting Titles 2
On-Base % 0.356 0.418
20-HR seasons 12 7
30-HR seasons 0 1
100-RBI seasons 3 6
All-Star 6 7
Silver Slugger 1 5
Playoffs 6 4
World Series 0


Ok, when you look at these numbers, it shows that both players were supreme hitters.  And they were both very good at their job.

But, which one is better?

Baines’ numbers are greater in many areas, but he also played for more seasons.  Martinez’s career is more compacted in length, but he offered more production per year during his prime.

So, who gets the vote?  Who gets your vote?

While Baines may have been the first, great full-time designated hitter, Edgar Martinez took the position to another level.   My vote goes to Martinez.  He won two batting titles and had a much higher on-base percentage than Baines.  And as a  professional hitter, those categories are very important.  And during his prime years, he was driving in runs at a rampant pace.  I also take into consideration the Silver Slugger awards – they are chosen by your peers, and with Martinez racking them up, it shows the respect that people had for his ability to do his job at the highest level.

And now that you have my vote, who ya got??