2007 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

2007 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

Amazingly, after collecting close to 50 Marlins team sets, this is my first set from 2007 for my collection.

It’s not that I have not tried to bring one in from 2007 before, but for some reason that year has just eluded me.

The ’07 roster was stacked with talent – both on offense and on the pitching mound.

Fleer did a nice job of putting this team set together for their 2007 release, but these are some noticeable omissions…

Here is the set:

2007 FLEER A

2007 FLEER B

I really like the look of these cards.  The images are large and sharp.  I really like the lower-left corner team graphics.  And for many of the cards, they feature great in-game action photos!!

I wonder why Miguel Cabrera had two cards in the set? Especially when there are a few more Marlins that probably should have been included…


2 responses to “2007 Fleer Florida Marlins Team Set

  1. You are gonna need another binder soon! lol

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