Eric Davis 1988 Donruss Bonus Card MVP

Eric Davis 1988 Donruss Bonus Card MVP

With their 1988 set, Donruss started issuing a ‘Bonus Card’ set of team MVPs.  Each team got a card, and more than likely that card went to the best player on the team.  The tradition of the set lasted for a few years, and it allowed for the team’s best players to be represented at least one additional time if chose as a MVP by Donruss.

If memory serves correctly, these cards were found in regular wax packs, and while very nice additions to the base set, they were not treated as limited edition or rare cards.

As a player collector, this set was fantastic.  In the years that the ‘Bonus Card’ set ran, it allowed for me to have a few more cards of my favorite guys.  Donruss did a great job of giving the ‘right’ guys the title of MVP, and I was thrilled to have one more card to collect for my PC’s.

Here is the card of Eric Davis from the 1988 Donruss MVP subset.

Davis was a great choice to represent the Reds with this set debut in ’88.


2 responses to “Eric Davis 1988 Donruss Bonus Card MVP

  1. Anthony O'Neill

    These cards (and also team leaders, HR leaders, ERA leaders etc) of the past are great. I especially like viewing them in pages, and to me, it’s almost like an All-Star game or something. I view it as the best players from that era. If you look at the 1967 NL ERA leader card for example, you have Phil Niekro, Jim Bunning and Chris Short. OK, two great pitchers in the HOF. Who the heck is Chris Short? Well, he was Bunning’s teamate, was with the Phillies from 1959-1972, 2x all star, over 1600 K’s, and had a 2.39 ERA in 1967, won 135 games. Not bad. But owning these cards , and not knowing the players, makes me want to find out more about them. And I said, at the time these were the best players in the league.

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