’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Cards From The ‘Donruss Rookies’ Mid-Season Sets!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Cards From The ‘Donruss Rookies’ Mid-Season Sets!!!

Just like the other companies producing baseball cards in the 1980’s, Donruss saw a need to produce sets during the season that captured the attention of collectors.

While some companies issued cards of rookie players and players that traded teams during the early parts of the season, Donruss stuck strictly to rookie cards.  That is probably why the set carried the name of ‘Donruss, The Rookies’.

The sets were issued from 1986-1992, and stared as a 56-card set but ended at 132 cards in 1992.  The set was highly collectible when released, and some of the best rookie cards from the decade were found in these ‘second’ sets.

And now, on to the list!!!

Like most of my other rookie-related ‘Top Ten Lists’, I am going after the cards that were highly coveted when released and still have value and appeal amongst today’s collectors.  Staying power is the theme!!

Honorable Mention: Wally Joyner (86), Kevin Mitchell (86), Ruben Sierra (86), Matt Williams (87), Chris Sabo (88), Jim Abbott (89), Omar Vizquel (89), Carlos Baerga (90), Tim Wakefiled (92).

10 – Edgar Martinez, 1988


9 – Deion Sanders, 1989


8 – Jeff Kent, 1992


7 – Will Clark, 1986


6 – Jeff Bagwell, 1991


5 – Bo Jackson, 1986


4 – Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez, 1991


3 – Manny Ramirez, 1992


2 – Pedro Martinez, 1991


1 – Barry Bonds, 1986


And there you have it!!  My Top Ten cards from the ‘Donruss Rookies’ brand.

Let me tell you, I switched these around a handful of times; especially numbers 9 and 10 and a few of the Honorable Mention guys.  I could have easily taken this list to 15 official spots, but then I would have to rename the post, build a new category, and get it approved by the MLB.

So, I stuck with just 10.  Did I get them right?  Are my selections way out of line?  Did I completely miss someone??

Let me hear it!!!  And have a great night.

31 responses to “’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Cards From The ‘Donruss Rookies’ Mid-Season Sets!!!

  1. Pretty accurate but personally I think Pedro is too high. great post!

  2. I’m really digging you top ten lists. Barry Bonds in the pillbox hat is a great pic.

  3. Not sure about Kent, Baggs, and Pedro. But it’s all about who you personally like. I like McGriff and Bonilla. I’m surprised you didn’t go with McGwire. My first pick would have been Griffey Jr.

  4. Is that Edgar Martinez or Ray Quinones?

  5. I like a lot of your pics, but I’d drop Kent in favor of Abbott. I’d also move Bo to number one and drop Bonds to two. The Rookies card of Griffey is pretty sweet too.

    • Matt- there were a couple at the bottom of the list and the HM that could have been interchanged.

      For me, the 88 Topps Traded and 89 Topps base card of Abbott stand out more than this one. That’s why he didn’t crack my Top Ten.

      And after reviewing last night, yes that Griffey is pretty sweet!

  6. Anthony O'Neill

    I think Randy Johnson had a card in the 89 or 90 set.

  7. Anthony O'Neill

    That’s right Ron. Also I think the Gary Sheffield card in the same set, and the Roberto Alomar card from the 88 set are also worth mentioning.

  8. Anthony O'Neill

    My top 10 would be quite a bit different. Will Clark would be higher, Bonds much lower, if at all. It would go like this:
    10. Omar Vizquel 89
    9. Andres Gallaraga 86
    8. Matt Williams 87
    7. John Olerud 90
    6. Gary Sheffield 89
    5. Will Clark 86
    4. Bo Jackson 86
    3. Randy Johnson 89
    2. Roberto Alomar 88
    1. Ken Griffey Jr

  9. Anthony O'Neill

    Ah, ok I get what you were doing. I was thinking the best of “The Rookies” sets. Cool stuff though.

  10. I played high school ball against John Olerud 🙂

    • Ron- Sweet! I have to guess that he was superior to the field. I used to love wathing this guy hit!

      • Ron Churchwell

        well back then he was 1st baseman and a pitcher. In fact the only way the Blue jays would sign him is if he went to 1st base exclusively. He struck me out once, and the other time i faced him on the mound, I hit a sharp ground ball right between his legs only to be thrown out at 1st base! lol

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