Dave Parker 1974 Topps ROOKIE Card

Dave Parker 1974 Topps ROOKIE Card

A rookie baseball card and a batting cage card, all in one!  This collector is drooling!!

Of all of the batting cage cards that I have acquired over the years, I believe that this one of Dave Parker is the first rookie card of the bunch. 

Have a look:


This is certainly not the greatest batting cage card in my collection, but it is a nice one.  It’s just too bad that the photographer couldn’t capture Parker in a little bit different pose…

As for the card, Topps really did a great job.  The Black and Yellow of the Pittsburgh Pirates color scheme is displayed very well.  And the reverse coloring of the lettering of Parker’s jersey adds a nice contrast to the team banner that Topps built.

Gotta Love The Rookie Cards!!!


13 responses to “Dave Parker 1974 Topps ROOKIE Card

  1. One of the most underrated rookies of the 1970’s! Love my Pirates!

  2. I agree it is a nice looking card. 74 is a decent looking set.

  3. On a side not Brian, do you collect any other sports? Just curious

  4. Brian, your holding out…. you should one day mention your past collection. And the basketball stuff….
    I agree w. Ron. Cobra was under-rated & the more I think about him the more I think hes HOF worthy. Another guy who managed to stay away from the supplements. All natural.

    • McGee-Fan51 is correct. He and I have followed very similar collecting paths.

      I left baseball card collecting for basketball cards around 1992. I did A little set building but focused most of my collecting around my favorite players, Karl Malone and John Stockton.

      Since then, I have dumped almost all of my hoops stuff. I still have the Malone and Stockton stuff in tact, probably 5000 total cards.

      i left collecting altogether before the auto and relic era started so most of my stuff is their rookie cards through the late 90’s.

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