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Jim Palmer 1987 K-Mart 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Jim Palmer 1987 K-Mart 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

I picked this one up on Sportlots.com for just $0.18.

I really miss sets like these.  You used to be able to score a nice 30 or 40-card set for a few dollars and it was always star-studded.

For me, I used to buy two – one to keep complete and in tact, and one to break open and add into my various player collections.

Johnny Mize 2011 Topps ’60’ – Giants Single-Season Home Run

Johnny Mize 2011 Topps ’60’ – Giants Single-Season Home Run

Without a doubt, my favorite thing about modern baseball cards is the inclusion of baseball legends of the past into the sets.

Those additions allow us to remember and celebrate the great history of this sport.

And when Topps issued their ’60’ set to help celebrate their 60th anniversary in 2011, it suited collectors like me perfectly.

This is the card of Johnny Mize from the set.  The card acknowledges the highest single-season home run tallies in Giants history.


Of course, you expect to see the names of Barry Bonds and Willie Mays peppered throughout the list.  They are represented very well, with Bond’s name being listed three times and Mays being named four times.

Johnny Mize is tied for third on the list with Mays for his 51 home run season of 1947.

Amazingly, Willie McCovey is not on the list.  It ends at 46 home runs, so I guess that it is safe to assume that ‘Stretch; never hit 46 of more home runs in a single season.  I would not have guessed that…

And that is why I LOVE cards like this!

Ken Griffey Jr. 2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball Card

Ken Griffey Jr. 2007 Fleer Ultra Baseball Card

As he neared the end of his magical major league baseball career, Ken Griffey Jr may have looked a little different from he did when he made his major league debut in 1989.

A little heavier?  A little slower?  Not as sharp?  More thick in the chest and waist?

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

BUT – there is no mistaking the swing of Griffey when he connected for a home run.

And Fleer captured it perfectly for their 2007 Ultra baseball card of ‘The Kid’!!!

Have a look:


Eric Davis 1990 Score ‘ScoreMasters’

Eric Davis 1990 Score ‘ScoreMasters’

While I have never read it to be factual, I always thought that the short-lived ‘Score Masters’ set was Score’s answer to the Donruss Diamond King and Upper Deck Collector’s Choice team cards.

And you know what??   I like them; I like them a lot!!!

Check out the card from the 1990 set that features Cincinnati’s Eric Davis:

What I like most about these cards is that the player being featured is very recognizable.  And not just the player, but the uniform and background too.

When you examine this card, you can plainly see that Davis is playing at Wrigley Field.  Hell, you can even see those famous player-wristbands he is wearing!! 

And if you look super-close, you can see the person sitting in Row 2 behind him has mustard and relish on his Chicago Dawg!!

But seriously, a fantastic card that is brimming with bold colors!  A great addition to my Eric Davis player collection.

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Rookie Cards From The ‘Fleer Update’ Mid-Season Sets!!!

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – Top Ten Rookie Cards From The ‘Fleer Update’ Mid-Season Sets!!!

Just like I did with the Topps Traded and Donruss ‘The Rookies’ mid-season releases, I feel that it is fitting to follow suit with the Fleer Update set as well.

So, I will rank the Top Ten Rookie cards issued as part of these 132-card rookie-filled, factory-sealed, beauties.

Keep in mind that I am only going after cards in which the Fleer Update card was considered the player’s rookie card with the Fleer brand; it just happened to be issued in the ‘Update’ set versus the base set.



These sets were released from 1984-1992 and they host some big-time treasures!!  Let’s get right down to it!!!

Honorable Mention – Bret Saberhagen (84), Vince Coleman (85), Will Clark (86), Ruben Sierra (86), Mike Greenwell (87), Fred McGriff (87), Matt Williams (87), John Smoltz (88), Jim Abbott (89), Joey Belle (89), Deion Sanders (89), Tino Martinez (90), John Olerud (90), Bernie Williams (91).

10 – Jeff Bagwell, 1991


9 – Jeff Kent, 1992


8 – Frank Thomas, 1990


7 – Roberto Alomar, 1988


6 – Barry Bonds, 1986


5 – Dwight Gooden, 1984


4 – Greg Maddux, 1987


3 – Mike Piazza, 1992


2 – Roger Clemens, 1984


1 – Kirby Puckett, 1984


Let me tell you that creating this list was mentally exhausting!!

While the top two spots for me were ‘no brainers’, spots 3,4, and 5 shifted around often.  Ultimately, I settled in with Piazza being a lock at number 3, and Maddux & Gooden sharing the 4th spot.  I ultimately gave it to Maddux, but would not complain if Gooden was there and Maddux shifted down to five, or even six.

And the final 2-3 spots were pretty brutal too – some of those guys could have been left off in favor of some that were mentioned in the honorable mention section.  Ultimately, I took the guys who would still be deemed as ‘collectible’ today by your average collector.

So, how did I do?  Love my rankings?  Hate my rankings?

Let me hear it!!!  And have a great night!!