Alan Trammell 1988 Score

Alan Trammell 1988 Score

There is something about this set!  I had so many of these cards as a kid that I guess they have left a permanent mark on my collecting brain.

I used to go nuts for the 1988 Score set.  For an inaugural set, Score was very solid.  They offered great, action photos, nice sharp images, and brightly colored borders.

Here is the card of Alan Trammell from the set:

I always wondered how they chose the border color that each player was assigned to.  Did they make each player available in all colors and then choose the best ones for the set?  Or did they come up with a complicated math formula that divided the number of players in the set by the number of colors and then organize them?

We may never know, but I do know that the 1988 Score set is one of my favorites from the 1980’s.


2 responses to “Alan Trammell 1988 Score

  1. 1988 Score is a really great underrated set from the 80’s. Great photography and colors on the card.

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