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2001 Topps Archives – 1967 NL Home Run Leaders Starring Aaron, Wynn, Santo, and McCovey!!!!

2001 Topps Archives – 1967 NL Home Run Leaders Starring Aaron, Wynn, Santo, and McCovey!!!!

I am really working overtime to try to bring my modern-issue collection of Hank Aaron baseball cards up to par.

I love the history that cards of Aaron represents, and I look forward to growing this collection considerably in the coming months.

This card is from the 2001 Topps Archives set:


The card is a re-print from the 1968 Topps set that celebrates the National League’s top home run hitters from the 1967 baseball season.

Aaron paced the NL with 39 round-trippers in 1967.  He was followed by Jim Wynn with 37, and fellow Hall of Famers Ron Santo and Willie McCovey who each had 31.

And while I am also a collector of cards that feature Santo and McCovey, this card is going into my Hank Aaron PC!!!

Sorry guys…

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Donruss Studio ‘Heroes Of The Hall’

Fergie Jenkins 2004 Donruss Studio ‘Heroes Of The Hall’

Just like the Jim Palmer card that I showed off earlier in the afternoon, I also own another version of this Fergie Jenkins card.

But this time around, it was the parallel version that I got before the base versions.

You see, a few months ago, I came across the ‘Die Cut’ version of Fergie’s card from the 2004 Donruss Studio ‘Heroes Of The Hall’ set.  I had never seen it before, and it was in a price range that worked with my budget.

It was then that the hunt for the base card began.

And while it took longer than what I had expected, I have finally secured the card for my Fergie Jenkins player collection.

It is serial numbered as 293/999, and it looks GREAT!!!


Jim Palmer 2012 Topps Museum Collection – Green

Jim Palmer 2012 Topps Museum Collection – Green

I already owned the 2012 Topps Museum Collection cards of Jim Palmer in both the base and Copper versions, so when I came across the Green version at an affordable price, I jumped at it.

The card is serial numbered as 188/199, and all elements of the card are the same as the base version with the exception of the Green American League banner under Palmer’s name.


Eric Davis 1986 Topps

Eric Davis 1986 Topps

A lot of people don’t care for the 1986 Topps baseball card design.

I think that the set is a very nice looking set, and while it may lack some of the great graphic elements that make the 1983, 1984, and 1987 designs very popular amongst card collectors, ’86 offers a very crisp and clean look.

Have a look at Eric Davis’ card from the set:

I told you, very clean and neat.  I often refer to this set as ‘The Stencil Set’ due to the team name that appears at the top of the card.

My lone issue with the 1986 Topps design is the lack of creativity used with the player name.  To me it simply looks like Arial, in 14pt. font, in CAPS.

Still, I would say that among the major brands that released cards in 1986, Topps was king!!!



That’s right, it is February 1, and the first Friday of the month.

And for me, that means that the local card show is upon us.  I was unable to attend the January show, so it has been two months since I have bought single baseball cards in person.

But that all changes tonight, and I am raring to go!!!

I don’t have a ton of goals for the show.  I want to take my time and see if any new dealers are going to be there.  I also am interested in seeing what some of the singles are selling for from the 2013 Topps Series 1 that hit the shelves just the other day.  There are a lot of subsets in the 2013 Topps set that interest me and I would love to see them in person!!

It should be a lot of fun.

And stay tuned for a full report on Monday as well as my customary series of ‘Card Show Purchases’ that will run throughout the day.

card show 3

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!