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Andre Dawson 2002 Donruss Classics ‘Significant Signatures’ Authentic Autographed Baseball Card

Andre Dawson 2002 Donruss Classics ‘Significant Signatures’ Authentic Autographed Baseball Card

This 2002 Donruss authentic autographed baseball card of Andre Dawson is the 38th certified autograph collection of ‘The Hawk’.

And while the pen may have skipped for a mili-second causing a blank to appear in the signature, Andre still managed to put down another beautiful autograph!!

Have a look:


I love the strong colors of the card, from the Blue to the Red to the Gold – all of it looks great!

The card is serial numbered as 189/200, and if I had to be picky, I would have just one complaint…

And that complaint would be that I think if Donruss used a sticker with Dawson’s autograph in Blue versus Black, this card would be superb!

Still, a fantastic addition to my Andre Dawson autograph collection – LOVE IT!!!

Carl Yastrzemski 2001 Fleer Greats

Carl Yastrzemski 2001 Fleer Greats

I am really starting to enjoy this set.  I have a small handful of cards from it already, and if I can affordably find more, I will add them in time too.

I really like the way that the player’s uniform is highlighted on these cards.  From the caps to the jersey lettering to the stirrups, they all look fantastic!

This is the card of Carl Yastrzemski from the set:


Another great one, right?  Again, Fleer did a fabulous job with the coloring of the card.  The muted background and lightly-colored border really allow for the boldness of the Navy Blue and Red of Yaz’s Red Sox uniform pop!!

Good stuff!

Cal Ripken Jr. 2006 Topps Turkey Red = WORK OF ART!!!

Cal Ripken Jr. 2006 Topps Turkey Red

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, I just let the card do the talking.

Sit back and enjoy the majesty of Cal Ripken’s card from the 2006 Topps Turkey Red set:


I’ll check back with you in a few hours…

Alan Trammell 1989 Topps All-Star Card

Alan Trammell 1989 Topps All-Star Card

I really like the ‘All-Star’ banner of the 1989 Topps baseball card design.

Have a look at Alan Trammell’s card from that set:


Unlike many of the All-Star cards issued by Topps prior to this one, the 1989 cards really did a nice job of differentiating themselves from the regular base cards of the same player.

Sure, would I like to see a ‘real’ background behind the player?  Yes.  But the filled-in background makes the player stand out a lot more – and the All-Stars stand out a lot more too…

A great card for my Alan Trammell player collection!

Two More Fantastically Signed 8×10 Photos For My ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection!!!

Two More Fantastically Signed 8×10 Photos For My ‘Ultimate Dawson’ Collection!!!

My latest through the mail autograph quest with Andre Dawson has been returned to me.  In just under four weeks, ‘The Hawk’ has once again delivered some awesome autographs for my collection.

This time around, I went for photos.  And I am very, very happy with the results.

I had 4-5 unsigned 8×10’s in my collection, and I wanted to try to get another Red Sox image signed.  The photo is a unique one, but I have always really liked it.  For this one, I did not ask for an inscription but I did specify where I wanted it signed as I thought the Blue would really stand out in just one specific area.

Have a look:


Looks fantastic!!  I love it!!!  The crowd behind him makes for a great backdrop, and he really leaps from the image.

The other photo I sent was an action shot of Andre from his days with the Cubs.  The photo was taken during a day game, so I knew that a Blue Sharpie would pop off the image – and I was right!

This time, I asked for an inscription, and Andre obliged my request.

Check it out:


Another great one!!!  The colors are so strong on this photo.  And the Blue Sharpie works very well with the Blue accents of Andre’s Cubs uniform, shoes, and helmet.

I am slowly starting to build a very solid collection of signed Andre Dawson 8×10 photos.  I still have a few more that I want to get done, I just need to pace myself.

Stay tuned to see what comes next!  Have a great night!