I Desperately Want A Hank Aaron Signed Baseball For My Collection. But…

I Desperately Want A Hank Aaron Signed Baseball For My Collection.  But…

Look, I know that I have very little chances of meeting Hank Aaron in person.  And if I did, I have read enough to know that he is not the most gracious ‘free’ signer out there.  And I completely understand that too.

So, that means that if I want to add a signed ball of Mr. Aaron to my collection, I am going to have to buy one.  And since he sits alone atop of my ‘Want List’ on my signed ball list, I shop for his autograph often.

But, his signature puzzles me terribly.  There are so many out there, and so many variations that I am not sure which one to go after.

There is the vintage auto:

And then the modern one:

And here is one from an ‘in-between’ time:

So, what I do know is that regardless of the auto that I eventually get of Hank’s, I will demand that it be accompanied with a COA from a very reputable source.  I’ll keep you posted on that journey…


10 responses to “I Desperately Want A Hank Aaron Signed Baseball For My Collection. But…

  1. Steiner Sports has them on sale every now and then. I think they want close to $200.

    • Fuji- Thanks. I have looked into that a few times but the autos they are selling through their shop tend to be the ultra-big and ultra-sloppy versions… Still, if and when it happens, the Steiner COA is a must!

  2. I have a hank Aaron baseball for sale and it comes with letter of authenticity from JSA which is very reputable you can look it up for yourself I am letting it go for $135.00 call me if interested 914-478-3182 James

  3. I also have a Darryl strawberry ball and a Nolan ryan ball which are both autographed and come with certificates as well letting both of them go for a $125.00 all original signatures and 100% authentic

  4. I have a signed HA baseball. I met him personally and had him sign it for my brother in law who is no longer with us. Are you still interested? I do not have a COA but it can be checked.

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