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Jim Palmer 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage w/Brian Matusz

Jim Palmer 2010 Topps Legendary Lineage w/Brian Matusz

I’m still chipping away at the more recently released Jim Palmer baseball cards.

From 2010-2012, Palmer had a ton of cards released that feature him so I will be kept busy trying to haul them all in.

This card comes from the 2010 Topps baseball card subset tagged as ‘Legendary Lineage’.  And while Brian Matusz cannot hold a candle to what Jim Palmer brought to the Orioles, I am thrilled to see Topps honor Palmer on a card like this.

Check it out:


Thankfully, many of the Palmer cards that have been issued in recent years cane be had affordably.

It is a little tough to stay up on all of the releases, but I am up to the challenge!!


Eddie Murray 2005 Upper Deck ‘Legendary All-Stars’

Eddie Murray 2005 Upper Deck ‘Legendary All-Stars’

What a great picture!!!

Typically, when you see a baseball card featuring a player at the plate, you get an image that looks straight on to the batter. 

But, this one offers you a more unique perspective.

Have a look:


If I had to guess, I imagine that this is the view that the player in the on-deck circle had of the game.  A little behind the catcher and off to the left at roughly a 70-degree angle.

I’m not sure how the photographer got this shot.  Maybe it was taken from the front row of the stands?  Maybe it was taken during an exhibition game in which there was a little more leniency?

Either way, I love this shot!!

A great addition to my Eddie Murray collection.

Mike Schmidt 1982 Donruss Baseball Card

Mike Schmidt 1982 Donruss Baseball Card

Normally, I am not one that likes a close-up on my baseball cards.  I like action photos, full-body action shots that capture the moments of the game.

But, every once in a while a close-up stands out among the others, and I believe that this is the case.

Have a look at Mike Schmidt’s 1982 Donruss baseball card:

Yes, it is a little too zoomed-in, but it is quite a bit different from your normal portrait-style close-up shots.

By the looks of it, Schmidt is bringing his tools to the cage in preparation for the day’s game.

Gotta love that old Phillies’ warm-up jacket he’s sporting…

1949 HEADLINE: Joe DiMaggio Inks Baseball’s Record 6-Figure Contract!!!

1949 HEADLINE: Joe DiMaggio Inks Baseball’s Record 6-Figure Contract!!!

On this day in 1949, the Yankees and Joe DiMaggio agreed on the first 6-figure contract in major league baseball. 

That’s $100,000 a year.  An amazing salary for the standards of that era, but chump change in today’s sports world.  Just the other day, Lebron James got fined $25k for kicking a water cooler during a game.  $25k is less than 1% of what LBJ brings home a year, but it was a 1/4 of what Joltin’ Joe made during the 1949 baseball season.

Wanna see the contract?  Click here – It’s pretty cool!!!

Finally, I Got My Signed Billy Williams Chicago Cubs Mini Batting Helmet. Come Check It Out!!!

Finally, I Got My Signed Billy Williams Chicago Cubs Mini Batting Helmet.  Come Check It Out!!!

For more than 24 months I have been seeking out this item.

And I tried multiple routes – from organized signings to consignment deals to purchasing online to Ebay.

And no matter how I tried to get this going, I failed.  Either the timing was not right, the pricing was way too high, or a reason to pass was strong.

Ever since I started building a collection of signed mini-helmets for my collection, I have wanted to add Billy Williams to it.  The Ebay search was save in ‘My Ebay’ for more than 24 months.  And with it came a lot of over-priced, but beautiful, items for me to drool over.

Many were priced too high, and none of the sellers were willing to listen to my offers.

So, I played the waiting game.  And I waited an awful long time…

But, just like most of my ‘big-ticket’ conquests, the wait eventually paid off and I scored!!

I am now the proud owner of this mini-helmet:


Signed perfectly by the Hall of Famer, this helmet is a fantastic addition to my collection.  And it rests comfortably next to my Andre Dawson and Fergie Jenkins helmets.

Patience pays off again.  And I certainly did not have to risk quality on this one – she is a beauty!!!